Friday, 1 April 2011

once a lunchmate, forever a lunchmate

Dated back in 2009, 3rd of Dec
Here are some pics of us, some who are still with us, some no longer do.
remarks: i realise that our faces didn't change much ;)
on our way to Seng Tuck's farewell dinner

Group shot with Seng Tuck

Here is a recent photos of us, taking a dinner together at Kim Gary, 1st Avenue.

Get to take dinner with Belle for the first time ;)
 Here is another photo of us, @ McD, Sunshine Square.

Enjoying our chills before going back to work!

Dear all,
you might not be in the photos, but as long as there was a lunch that we had the chance to enjoy with you previously during those hectic and tiring and boring and stressful weekdays, you will always leave memories with us.. 

Cheers to all my lunchmates ^^


Fish said...

Finally saw Jason bring his camera...
Ops..can't join u all and miss the chance to know EK's wife.. :)

lingching said...

Fish, the next gathering will be the day u back to Penang... (^^)v