Tuesday, 19 April 2011

to the next level

I just realised that this 2nd round audition will be the final round before the actual finals which will be held during the company dinner in June. and I'm glad to be shortlisted during the 1st audition.

Before I went home yesterday, I found the song i planned to sing for the 2nd audition, which is "Teardrops on my guitar" by Taylor Swift. I found myself singing it well as the melody is catchy and easy, and I can reach those high notes in the chorus part. I felt relieved that I found a song suitable for me.

I went home to show my mom this song in youtube and I even got the karaoke version and sang it to her as well. To my disappointment, she didn't like it! :O
"This song doesn't really have a peak anywhere throughout the whole song and your voice is kinda dead as u were singing it just now. Don't choose this song lahhhhh."

"Then choose what song ar?" T.T

"Y not pick the song that u did during Engineering Night last year?"

Oh... Eternal Flame by The Bangles!!! I love it since when i was a little kid, this song is played on the cassette in my dad's Nissan Sunny. and I would be singing it aloud at the back of my seat, while enjoying the scenery outside when my dad drove us to "long kai kai".

oh.. ok. I think I'm going to do it again in this 2nd audition. Thanks to mum for her brilliant suggestion, cuz I never thought of it. haha.. and there is no need for me to take time to memorize the lyrics as I'm totally familiar with it :D

I have a youtube clip that my colleague posted up for me, with me playing the keyboard and singing the song. A bit cacat, though. :P

Of course I will not be doing the accompaniment part. (This is going to be a singing contest and not talent competition :P). Below is the original version of the song. I can only get the live version of The Bangles performing this song though... enjoy ^^


K.R Paranga said...

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see ya there and
nice meeting you!:)

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K.R Paranga said...

thanks for adding me =)

lingching said...

Nice song for both... But maybe your mum is right, choose the most practised one is good for competition... (^^) Add oil oh~

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

K.R Paranga, thanks for dropping by at my blog. Happy blogging and have a nice day
lingching, thank you.. hope can sing it well lar..^^

ahjoy said...

hey..... i agree with aunty. This song suits you :) Good luck n let us know the updates ya ^^

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

thanks Joy for letting me know your though. yeap. I'll keep you posted :)