Monday, 4 April 2011

A Cheki to brighten up my days

Here is a glimpse of my baby Choco a.k.a Cheki

my cute Choco

A clearer pic of my Choco
Recently I just finished using my 1st pack of films.
I have a story to tell on how I realised the films have been used up. hahah..
It was that night when we went for a dinner at Kim Gary. We wanted to get a group photo in front of the retaurant after the dinner. Due to it's restriction for us to take multiple shots like what we always do with our compact camera or DSLR (you can but the films are bloody expensive!), we actually tried to get our pose ready (in order to fit into the picture), and it took some time to get everyone positioned nicely for a shot using my Cheki. Thanks to a leng chai stranger, who walked up to us and volunteered to help us to take a picture without the need for us asking around

So I gave him a quick guide on how to press the shutter button. (it was actually situated on the front of the body) "One, two and three!". He pressed the shutter button and done. The buzzing sound could be heard and everyone was anticipating on the film feeding out from the camera.. hmm.. hey.. a few seconds gone but nothing came up yet.. the buzzing sound continued but nothing came out of the camera.

We tried a few shots, but still did not see film coming out from the camera eventhough the buzzing sound was heard. Strangely, the film counter did change (it decreased each time we pressed the shutter when it is supposed to increase to 10 max.). In the end we took our group photo with Jason's D90  =.=

It did give me a sense of disappointment when I thought something was wrong with my Choco which I just bought a month ago. The 7 of us decided to go together to a Lomo shop nearby to have my Choco check. When the sales assistant opened up the case, we realised that the films were used up. Alamak.. no wonder no films coming out lar.. !

Not to disappoint everyone, I decided to buy a pack of films from the shop. Manatau the normal films are out of stock due to shipment problem from Japan. So I got the one with disney cartoons frame instead. One pack costs 10 bucks more expensive than the normal ones - RM 35 leh.... (not i pay though :P)

We took two pix for the night - 7 bucks gone =.=

two shots of the night ^^
sweet smiles


eMiLy said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog.
So nice to know someone, fr Penang, engineering and sing nicely.
I've had my eye on this cam for a long time d.
Nice pic. Keep up the smile. ^^

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

yeah Emily. perhaps you r my junior from USM Eng Campus? It's kinda hard to get this Instax Mini 7s in the market. I bought it from lowyat forum by COD. you have a blessed weekend ya. :)