Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Finally it's closed

I haven't been so relieved today in my workplace before.. that's it.. Finally it's a "good. thx" as I submitted my correction for the project to my instructor for the fourth time.

This training has started since last September and now finally coming to an end. By right the brown belt class was targeted to end by 2010 and was delayed for almost month! Why took so long? haha.. cant blame anyone... cuz there were many holidays in between.. some of the major celebrations including Christmas la, new year la, cny la, wedding la. hahah...  what to do? People always clear their annual leaves during year end right? ( I only can use "people" but not "we" cuz I didn't have not enough AL to "spend lavishly" that time... This year.. heheh... maybe..

I really thank God for able to complete my project. Thanks to my instructor too for being lenient and understanding to us. Frankly, I struggled a lot during the process as most of the elements taught in class are not used by me in my working responsibilities. I hope I will be able to use these "valuable tools" one day, since people talk much about Six Sigma nowadays (maybe now not so much liao lar)

and today, done the final correction and submission and yeah.. Waiting for a graduation ceremony for a certification to be presented to the students! A special graduation lunch will be provided but I'm not so looking forward to it since we will be having it in-house (company's canteen) instead of given a generous budget to be spent on buffet lunch in Equatorial's Hotel like what the seniors had 2-3 years ago..


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Chicken Chop - which one goes first?

This post is done due to nothing much to do on a Friday evening at home, after back from a dinner.

Shown below are portions of a chicken chop you can find anywhere, so which one will you finish first?
For me,
E definitely goes first 
No matter how yummy is the chicken chop, there will always be this side dish that I dislike most - carrots, corns and green peas (sometimes).

Followed by D
Haha.. not that I dont like it but it is tasteless.. so better get rid of it asap.

Lastly, a bit of A plus a bit of B plus a bit of C
and that makes a wonderful meal of chicken chop =P

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

1 hr queue - A Big Breakfast indeed!

This morning both of us decided to try out the big breakfast promotion, and helped to dapao for the rest of the lunch gang.
We arrived at the McD outlet at Sunshie Square at 7am. Totally in shock to see the super long queue, that reached the entrance. No choice... everyone was so eager to get the awesome breakfast which comes in super low price...

After a long wait and queue of 1 hr, finally we get to place our order.
"6 coffee please", he said to the friendly attendant. So with 3 coupons, we managed to get 6 sets just for the price of the 6 cups of coffee. What a good deal!

We carried two big paper bags and two holders filled with cups of coffees into the canteen.

Kept getting compliments from the lunch gang for the effort we put in.. hahah... glad to make them happy for the morning.. but if you ask me to do it again, Nooo! Dont want to queue for 1 hr anymore, perhaps should go to the branch at Sg Dua or Penang Airport?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Today, I am thankful for...


I am thankful for able to go to the gym again, even though I was late due to last minute work.

I am thankful for the usual routine that can be carried out in the gym - 20 min on Arc Trainer & 20 min on tread mill.

I am thankful for the granola bits, that he has passed to me before he left, so that I could munch on them and fill my stomach while watching and waiting at the couch for the rain to stop in order to get to my car.

I am thankful for the aunty and the uncle from the Corner Shop, who lended me their umbrella to get to my car (i got to "wade" across the water to get to my car anyway)

I am thankful that I remembered to bring my Crocs flats so that I didn't have to get my sport shoes soak in water

I am thankful for my colleagues, who called back and asked whether I still needed umbrella to get to my car or not, even when they were rushing off to their Dota session every Tue

I am thankful for able to make it to the English Reading Class, even though was stuck in the jam due to some minor flood nearby.

I am thankful for able to teach the children, and feel their joy and excitement of learning to read Peter & Jane series

Wow... so many things to be thankful for, just for the short evening after work. Just as I recall this verse:

Monday, 21 March 2011

Photo in a photo

Last month, I got myself a cute little gadget called Mini 7s a.k.a Cheki which produces instant photos. Besides fun and can get photos instantly, one plus point of shooting with a Cheki is that the effect is nice, especially when you are taking portraits of people.. no matter how tanned skin you are, in the photo you will look fair, very fair.. I'm not sure how, but Cheki shots can have this brightening effect.. hahah better than any foundation / brightening cream / concealer you can find in the market today ^^

So here they are, check out the pictures
p/s: sorry for the glossy effect of the photos.. (i keep them in a business card holder mar =P)

1st shot using Cheki - at Ah Ean's Seafood, Batu Kawan
27 Feb

TSL & me at OT, Gurney Drive
4 March

Pretty gal enjoying her glass of wine

A breakfast with the girls at Toh Soon Cafe, Penang Road
5 March
me with my ex schoolmates at Mei's wedding dinner, Trader's Hotel
6 March

Mei and us

The guys and the bride of the day

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Last minute change for the weekend plan

I packed this morning, getting ready for a trip down to Ipoh right after work, but ended up having Thai food for dinner at Khun Thai, Butterworth with colleagues. and now back at home posting my blog for the day.. what to do, I failed to get an appointment for facial with the aunty in Ipoh as she will be away for the weekend.. so yeah.. home sweet home this weekend I will be... though it is a last minute plan change, but I'm still ok with it.. The fellowship with a group of funny ppl was good.. I had a good night.. (it would be super awesome if there were a detour to auto city for a dessert/yum cha). ;P

Eventhough there will be no Ipoh food for the weekend, but weekend can still be good in the island. With the usual routine.. perhaps will grab him along to get some shopping done for tomorrow ;)

*Yawning* I gtg..this post will be a short one... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, PEOPLE.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har signing off....

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Free will or predestined?

I just watched the movie, starring Matt Damon last night. Thought it was more of an action movie, but it's not.. It stirs the thought of are we able to make our own decision or are we depending on God for His will for us. In either way, our decisions are still in control by the Almighty One, I believe.

Recently, I heard this from my friend, and she read from a book: "If there is a Plan A that God wants you to go for, which He thinks it's the best, but instead of Plan A, you pick Plan B, He will still see you through and give you the best out of Plan B, or, He will pull you back on track for Plan A." He will never leave us hanging there, lost in the steps that we chose to take.....

Her words were comforting, as recently I am troubled....but the all night long chat n sharing n laughing was truly great.. Friend, thank you for being supportive. =)

I remember the verses from Jeremiah 29:11-13 that says:
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

I hope that He will continue to reveal His will to me, as time goes on..
and when the end comes, all glory to Him and Him alone...
Thank God that His love endures forever....

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My very first post, cheers!

I'm speechless. I'm overwhelmed. I cant believe that I created my blogging account today, after so long.. (Ppl my batch already started doing so during uni days since like 5 years ago?) Thanks to my colleague, who sent me his blog link and ask me to support him as he tried to revive his today.. hahah...hard to upkeep our blogs huh...

I would like to explain how I got this name. "Ying Ying" and "Dai Tao Har" both are the nicknames given by my Ah Ma (my grandma). I think it's nice to combine both and make it my blog's name.. not bad huh ^^

Anyway, it's never too late to start a blog of your own, to express yourself, to share thoughts with other bloggers, cheers to my new blog!