Sunday, 10 April 2011

fuiyoh, Malaysian Escargots

It was a successful suck of the night!

I just get to try on Malaysian Escargot! woo hoo.. finally I was brave enough to try it ...

Haha. What a nice name.. but it's actually known by the locals as Balitong / "siput sedut" lah, the sea snail that can be found in the muddy coastal river mouth of Malaysia.

All the way I have been seeing my friends enjoying it, watching them sucking and making those "chut chut" funny sound, all happened right in front of my eyes but I just did not have the guts to try it myself.. @.@

I had the opportunity to try it out during a dinner trip with colleagues to Raja Uda at Butterworth. Well, at first I was quite reluctant to try on it.. But all the five of them were sucking on those littles creatures and enjoying the dish and the smell of the chilly paste with dried shrimps and belacan were so good that I couldn't resist anymore, I picked up a rather bigger snail (they said the bigger the easier to suck wor), and tried on it!

It was not that easy for a first timer to get to the meat of snail. You need to suck at one end, and then a few times at another end before you can get to the meat.. Fuhh... tough task man! and before you put the meat inside your mouth, you need to remove a thin membrane-like tiny shell because it is inedible (not sure why leh) I actually got both my hands dirty before I managed to eat one. =.= Anyway, I think it's faster and easier to eat with bare hands as you need to suck here suck there, and dig out the inedible part and separate it from the edible part before you can put the whole edible bit into your mouth. But my colleague Brian did it all by using chopsticks. =.= next time should seek some guides from him..

Attempt of using chopsticks and spoon failed. Only used them for the 1st Balitong ^^ 

The experience with Balitong was great. I didn't regret for trying it.. hehe..

Conclusion: never try never know. This can be applied in the new things in life, you will never know what comes out of them. And sometimes, you have nothing to lose, why not give it a try? Who knows after you try, the taste will be like honey in the rock? =)


eugene said...

Yup i agree wholeheartedly with you,, never try never lovely wife love balitung so much,,,,,,,i love the way she eats it or sucks it,,,,

take care now and god bless ya

ahjoy said...

haha...i should challenge you eating this one day.. i wanna order this in tambun during CF CG dinner but others just dont let me :( cuz they say they hardly 'suck' the meat out..

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Joy, thanks for dropping by! yeah. should go eat with you.. u must be very pro with the way of eating balitung dee. :P anyway, how come i din see the "follow" button in your blog geh?

Eugene, hope you now recovered from the small ant giant bite. take care and God bles ;)

ahjoy said...

haha.... should be on the left corner.. haha... glad that u started blogging ^^ and yeah... i makan that balitung since im young.... we should have competition one day.. hehe... craving for it each time im back home :)

~nEw DoRy~ said...

I wanna eat too~~~!!!! Miss balitung so so so so much!!!!! I will be back on 13th May 2011. Hope I will have time to catch with you, sis!

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

yeah.. we have a date with balitung in May then =) woo hoo.. nicole tau makan tak?
ah joy, come join us! ^^

ahjoy said...

i wish too but too bad im rushing back to my hometown for my internship. haha... sure gt chance to have the balitung date :)