Thursday, 30 June 2011

dinner and workout - I chose workout tonight

I went to gym late today. My initial plan was to exercise on the Arc Trainer machine for 20 minutes before taking a nice bath and headed to Batu Maung to have our usual dinner with Min Fei and colleagues. But after 20 minutes, I decided to stay back and run on the treadmill. And so the gang left me there

It was at first kinda pathetic, as I could imagine them eating their favourite kam hiong pork rice / bai kut ong (pork ribs) rice while chit chatting there, and here i am sweating and running on the boring machine... But after the first 20 minutes, I realised that I could still go on with another 20 minutes on cardio mode. Therefore I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on Arc Trainer (a total of 495 calories burnt) for today. Not sure was it good enough for a person who is desperate to get rid of the fats like me, but tonight I had this sense of achievement as I was able to resist the temptation to go dinner and take another bowl of soupy mee / rice which would be adding extra calories to my body. Moreover, tomorrow night we are heading to BM for a nice steamboat dinner at Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐) to celebrate our 3rd working years anniversary. aiks, now you know y I was so disciplined tonight la ;P (so that I will not be feeling bad tomorrow for the feast)

So yeah... I'm proud with the achievement! ^ ^v (Decided to take some photos of me after the nice bath at gym) hehe.... syeok sendiri la.....

decided to syeok sendiri (SS) after drying my hair

looked tired but definitely satisfied with the achievement today ^^

Initial plan after reach home = 1 vitagen while enjoying HK series on Astro
Turned out to be = 1 vitagen + some nice durians found in the fridge + pasembor which i shared with mom while enjoying HK series on Astro

good night peeps

Monday, 27 June 2011

An evening with Stacy on stage

I need to start blogging again after I found out that my last entry was almost 1 month ago! >.< sorry folks for being MIA recently.

It's time i write about the memorable company dinner / singing competition held last two weeks.
My favourite photo of the evening :)

I turned out to be at the 5th placing on that night. Haha.. still managed to get the RM 100 shopping voucher. Well, a bit unhappy at first for the first two days, but now already accepted the fact and realized that I did not perform better than other finalists in terms of being a stage performer. I should have done more actions and gestures such as walking around the stage, wave to the audience and get eye-to-eye interaction with the judges. The guys did it so well that the judges were impressed and thus gave higher marks to them. (Fyi, I was the only female finalist on that night ^.*) and of course, they sang expressively, had superb voice and they were able to capture the hearts of the audience and most importantly, the judges. I really have so much to learn from these people. They are very professional, indeed :)

But still, I thanked God that I did not make any silly mistakes like singing out of tune, forgetting lyrics, tripped over the staircase and fell on the stage etc that evening. I was quite nervous and I was wearing high heels (was that 3 inches?) that time. I wouldn't know what to do if one of the things I mentioned above happened to me during my performance :O
Winner 1 & 2 (Zul & Hasnisham)

Winner 3 & 4 (Yazal and Ilham)
Winner 5 & 6 (Me and Ku Anuar)
Me and the finalists
well done, my friends! =)

Though did not get the bigger prize on that evening, I did have a great time there, enjoying the performance by other finalists, chit chatting with fellow colleagues, taking photos with fellow colleagues and something that I must mention is that I get to see a celebrity!!!!! not only see but stand next to her. Some of you might not know her, but she is a young but very talented local singer made famous by Akademi Fantasia 6 ------->
(you might wanna check out who is her by clicking on her name above)

Stacy was invited to perform at our Seagate Dinner!!!!!!
She has very good and powerful voice. And she dances well too. OMG, I was totally mesmerized by her live performance on stage. :) 

Who would miss the chance of taking photo with her? Hehe... thanks to my colleague that he managed to capture some nice photos of me standing next to Stacy during the prize giving session. I even hugged her when she handed me the prize XD. I could hear some screams from the audience when we hugged :P (must be some jealous fans)

Overall, it was a wonderful and memorable evening. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ah ma, my personal health advisor

I truly want to thank my beloved ah ma for giving me a packet of this special plant that has cooling effect. This plant has reduced the swelling on my gum when there was no sign of improvement after taking medicine for more than 1 week T.T
my dearest Ah Ma

I should have turned to my ah ma for her advice one week earlier! Then I wont have to suffer for the week, when i'm only allowed to take soft diet, and to chew with only one side of my mouth. T.T
Nvm that already, better late than never, my gum has healed after 4 days of special care. I'm not sure what is the English name for it but in Hokkien it is called "Ban Teih Im" which looks like one in the photo below. 

Here's my ah ma's home remedy for swelling gum which is caused by the excessive heat in our body.
Rinse the leaves with water to remove the sand and dirt, then sprinkle just a little pinch of salt on the leaves, and make them into a small ball and place it on the affected area in your mouth, let it 'soaked' there for about 5-10 minutes before you take it out and throw away. I did it twice a day, after waking up and before going to bed.

The leaves that can do wonders and relieve swelling gum or even sorethroat

hello aunty, hello uncle

During my cousin's wedding day luncheon, i got this once in a blue moon opportunity to sit with a group of aunties uncles. They are my relatives whom i will only meet once or twice a year. and that's becuz the young gang table was fully occupied and i had no choice but to be separated from them >.<

At first i felt kinda uneasy being the only younger person sitting and eating with these group of older people. (well, they are not really that old, but most of them already have kids married, and with grandchildren somemore) haha... but as the conversation started off by an aunty, i realised that the topic on  the table was very interesting. They talked talked and talked about healthy natural food and how to stay young and healthy.

One of the chinese herbs that is very good for health that they mentioned is 淮山 [huái] [shān], it is a type of wild yam. One of the aunty shared that it is good to blend this herb with other fruits and drink it regularly. 

I found it very enlightening cuz i think we need to start to take care of our health from young, don't you think so too? These people take salt more than we take rice. and they have the wisdom and experience to share with me, why not enjoy the conversation and seek some useful advise from them?

Mom was in the group too. Therefore inevitablely, i was scolded and nagged by her when they mentioned about how young people nowadays dislike eating fruits and vegetables, in front of them somemore. Kinda embarrasing la. *shy shy*

Let me intro you to my relatives in this photo below. ( i think i will enjoy describing how they are related to me, please forgive me for the annoying 's 's 's 's - 谁的谁的谁的谁 XD )
I think this picture is very special as I rarely get the chance to meet them all.
So aunties and uncles, may good health follow you wherever you go and till we meet again, take care folks

Starting from front left,
my grandma's younger sister's daughter-in-law, my mommy ^^, my grandma's youngest brother's wife, my grandma's younger sister, my grandma's younger brother, my daddy ^^, me ^^ and my grandma's second youngest brother's wife

I'm the youngest among the group. Yahooooo!! (syeok sendiri) :P

Thursday, 2 June 2011

a wedding banquet to remember

I was pretty busy for the two days for the preparation of my cousin's wedding. not really because of helping her with the preparation and stuff, but getting myself ready to be her helper during the wedding banquet :P

I am not going to talk and describe more. I am going to let the photos do the talking instead.
p/s: thanks to Shu for taking nice photos for the night

Before hairdo
After hairdo (cost me RM10 and hers RM12 nia)

helping the pretty bride with the necklace

need some help over here

fixing the ribbon on her dress
my tall and cute ah ma with her two granddaughters 
tall ah mui and not-so-tall tai kar cheh >.<
All ladies, smile for the camera
setting up the table for the guestbook
Brief discussion on the task allocation for the girls
my cousin sis, my xiao gu and me
The helpers for the night
Me and Min Fei
Me and cousin (iphone snap shot)
Me and xiao gu (iphone snap shot)

I brought along my cheki too. hehe (iphone snap shot)

while waiting for our turn to take pic with bride and bridegroom, we did what we do best with whatever's in our hands
and that's me and my sista :D
his head seems to be bigger in this pic. yeay (v ^ ^ v)

another one from top
finally our turn. Fei looks like he just came out from cleaning the dishes behind XD

A group photo with the relatives who stayed back