Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine's Day with a cough

How was your V day, peeps? For me it was just another busy day at work. Moreover, i am down with a cough this week, a real bad one. He already told me on Monday night that he's not bringing me anywhere cuz I am not supposed to go out but to rest at home. ~TOTALLY DOOMED~

Anyway, it turned out to be less gloomy at the end of the day, as my dear colleague gave me two cute figurine cookies of angry bird before she left office.

Hehe.. so cute!

Fung, thanks for the cute cookies :)

After dinner, he brought me to Starbucks for a short date! what a lovely surprise!! aw....... thanks dear for the sweet thought :) i know that you will always find your ways to cheer me up even when I'm sick on this special day :)

Hot Choc for him and Hot Greentea Cream for me <3
I got a gift from him last weekend too!  It's a black leather purse from Guy Laroche. 
He said can use as a brick to throw at ppl! LOL
Well i have to admit that it's slightly too puffy due to its interior spacious compartments for cards and coins. 
But I like it a lot because I can now keep more things in my purse in a more organized way of course. :) hehe

It looks more like a mini organizer

By now you would be asking what did i give him for V day rite? No I didn't get him a gift. Reason is simple:  he didn't want one. LOL

So what do you give your loved ones on V day? Do u exchange gifts with them or it's a one way thingy?