Thursday, 21 April 2011

I'm breathing in bloggersphere ^^

I'm totally into blogging nowadays, and I need to make this shoutout here in my blog.

I know, I know, it's a bit too late to say this and telling everyone about this activity when blogging was such a hot topic since 4 or 5 years ago (paiseh paiseh), but I still want to say this now, that I enjoy doing this.

I have almost totally abandoned my facebook and I seldom check on the status of my friends in FB / the photos uploaded.
I had this embarrassing moment with a friend of mine when she posted out in her FB status some time ago that she's pregnant but I didn't know it until recently that I had an online chat with her. (dear friend, I'm very sorry for being unaware of this good news of yours. Forgive me please). I do hope that I'm not the last one to know it though :S

*I promise I'll try to be more active in FB and log in to FB more frequently.*

It's very comfortable to be able to write about your feelings, your thoughts, what you have been through in your daily lives here in blogspot, or even to share what God has been doing in our lives and to share our faith with people, isn't it? We have the freedom of expressing ourselves in blogging, as long as what we write is not offensive, and not violating the rules set here

I guess I'm someone who prefers knowing the story / events happen in the daily lives of people. ;) and I am encouraged when I read some good posts by others. It helps reminding me of the little things in life that we should keep doing to spread our love around.

Anyway, I'm still quite new to blogging. I have just started last month and I hope this is not something 'tahi-tahi ayam'. I want to maintain my blog well, and learn to express myself through words, instead of keeping everything to myself.

Have you updated your blog today? :)


lingching said...

Hi girl, I also have same thought with you now... Although i'd started my blogger for 4 years ago, but i really feel enjoy the blog since the day we distributed the door gift. You'd taught me how to design my blog become more interesting, how to add in the features, how to gain money by using blogger (although now my earning is still RM0.00) And i really enjoy and get exciting when see how many people had visited my blog although there were small quantity... keke... Thanks for willing to share the good things with me. Add oil ya~~

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

my pleasure lingching, to be able to share whatever i learned from other bloggers with you. My earning is also still 0.00 keke... looks like i need to seek advice from some new friends i found in bloggersphere liao..^^

reanaclaire said...

Keep blogging and you will become an blogger addict like me!! hahahaha... i m into IT!

eugene said...

Don't worry about being Hangat Hangat Tahi Ayam, just take blogging as way to express yourself in utmost sincerity and in truth.

You know for me, i can even have more posting in a day,,but then again, i would would update things that i strongly feel about..

and sometimes it almost brings me to tears, when someone comments that i write can touch them in one way or the other.

you do well, keep it up and my support to always,

have a good friday and god bless

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

reanaclaire, thank you for the support given. You are totally a cool blogger! there are many things that i need to learn from you :)
eugene, oops, my Bahasa got deteriorate dee.. 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam' become 'tahi-tahi ayam'. that was so so wrong :*) paiseh paiseh. anyway thank you for the encouragement given. I will keep it up :)