Sunday, 24 July 2011

wrist injury

My right wrist is sprained and it's hurting real bad since last Friday. I suspect it was injured during the hiking trip to Penang Hill last Saturday but I found it weird as the pain only started last Tue, which was a few days after the hiking. Anyway, it was just a slight pain and I could still flex my wrist and fingers in every direction. The pain aggravated on Friday night when I went to bed. It could be due to more tearing to the muscles as I used the Arc Trainer on Friday's workout. Besides, i also went for a casual drink with my colleagues after work that night. Sigh, i regretted for drinking that 1 pint of Paul Laner and another mug of Irish bomb when I'm having a wrist injury. I think the alcohol also did some harm to my injury..

Friday night was a long night for me. Sigh. I was tossing and turning on my bed all night long trying to get a correct position to rest my hand but to no avail. I got up and went out my room to check on my computer in the middle of the night. I even tried playing Spider Solitaire using my left hand. I also went down to the dining hall and played with Conan for a while until I was tired and went up to bed again. A restless night. Sigh. The pain still didn't go away :(

Early morning I received a call from my colleague asking me have I arrived at the meeting place for the hiking. I guessed she missed out my text msg informing her that I couldn't make it due to the injury. Not only the hiking trip I missed but also an invitation to jog at Botanical Garden on Saturday morning by Eugene Ung the Penang blogger. Initially I told him I could not meet him for a jog because was going for the hiking trip, and in the end I missed two important activities just on a Saturday morning. What a disappointment dey......

Dad brought me to see doctor at a panel clinic. After a checking on my wrist, he told me that nothing is broken and no fracture occurred, and what I got was a pain killer medicine and  a self-heating lotion.
my swelling wrist :"(

For the moment I am still depending on the pain killer and I hope the condition will improved by Monday. Well, at least with the pain killer i'm taking three times a day, I could still type on the keyboard and posted up this blog today. Anyway, the pain came back again on Saturday night when I delayed on taking the pain killer. But after taking two pills of painkiller (1 from the doctor, 1 panadol), the pain was relieved and I could sleep for the night. My church member suggested that I should go and see a sin seih (Chinese traditional practitioner) for faster result. I'm afraid to do so because the massage therapy surely will be painful. Moreover, based on the experiences shared by friends and family members, not all massage therapy are effective for everyone. Some case the injury got worse after seeking Chinese doctor for massage therapy.

This weekend was not really a good weekend for me.
These are the things I failed to do for the weekend due to my injury:
1. Penang Hill hiking trip
2. Jogging with Eugene the Penang blogger (supposed to be 1st meet up)
3. Play piano for Sunday worship :(
4. Meet up with Eugene and his family on Sunday after church (i had to turn down his invitation for the 2nd time again this week)

But hey, life is not that bad after all. I still have my left hand functioning well! Thank God for that. I stopped dwelling in self pity when I realized that there are many unfortunate ones out there struggling with life when they have only 1 arm / 1 foot left to continue living for the rest of their lives. How can I complain when I only have this temporary disability due to injury? Shame on me...

I pray that I would be able to carry out my daily job on my computer as I return to work tomorrow.

Have a good week ahead peeps.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

i made it to the top!

I'm not really into hiking and the tallest hill that i have hiked is Bukit Jambul hill. haha.....
last Saturday i was persuaded by my colleague to join her for a hiking trip together with some of the usual hiking members from our company including our plant Vice President.

Just reached the car park nearby
what are you doing at 7.20am on a Saturday huh?

We took the Poh Yau Sua route to go up.
wild boar tracks could be seen everywhere along the trails
According to my colleage, we ought to be careful not to step on those wild boar tracks as there would be wild boar fleece infested there and if they get to your body, your skin will be itchy and it will take a week before they could go away. Freaky!
taking photo with my colleage while waiting for others
At Station 84

Our initial plan was to stop at Station 84 and go down the hill through the tar road. But when we reached 84, everyone was very eager to continue the hiking and so we went up up up again to Penang Hill. And of course, those regular hikers from my company already started their journey up to the hill when we just reached the rest stop. We still get to take a group picture with our VP though :P

can somebody tell me what is the unit behind the number? is it km?

The rain forest in Penang

It was a long, winding and steep road up to Pg Hill

We were struggling on our way up. Boy, it was tough indeed!

We were just a few steps away from the top of the hill!!!

Finally!!!! hooray!!!!!!!!!

Who would leave Penang Hill without savouring a bowl of ice kacang?!

It was a wonderful experience for me. Thank God I made it to the top!!!!
It was not as difficult as I thought it would be.......
I'm now thinking of doing 2nd time this Saturday.. hmmmmmmmm...... consider .. consider.. consider... XD

Friday, 15 July 2011

Sarawak is too far for a lunch

We just came back to office from lunch 2 hrs ago. This morning, I had an unusual crave for Sarawak food (perhaps I have been looking at too many photos of S'wak food in someone's blog recently :P). Therefore, we went over to a shop which is opened recently in Bayan Baru, which sells some of Sarawak's specialties

I was snapping some photos while colleagues were ordering their food. We arrived a little early than other customers therefore we could still see many empty tables. I was reminded to arrive on time when I called up to make a reservation because they will release the reservation after 15 minutes. True enough, about 10 minutes after our arrival, the small cafe was filled with customers and some late comers had to wait outside. I believe most of the customers are people working in the industrial zone and everyone is out for lunch at 12 noon :D
Carpenter Street Cafe

The cashier counter

Empty tables in the cafe

The guys checking out the menu

The girls posing for the camera ^.*

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Tomato Noodle

Sarawak Kolomee
Sarawak Lo Bak
Among the 9 of us, i was the only one ordering Sarawak Laksa. I picked SL because i tried it long long time ago when I visited Sarawak and now I wanted try it again. SL is totally different from PL (Penang Laksa).  I luv the heavy aroma of coriander leaves in my mouth. Overall the SL sold here is not bad but it would taste even better if the lime given is bigger so that the soup taste more sourish.

My Sarawak Laksa

Sapu habis ^^

Price for the food
Laksa - RM 7.90
Kolomee - RM 5.90
Tomato Noodle - RM 7.90
Lo Bak - RM 7.90

Quite pricy hor? but I think it's because of the environment la.. We get to enjoy the air-cond mar..
Somehow, i still prefer the authentic Sarawak laksa I ate in Kuching about 5 years ago. ..hehe....

A blessed weekend to all my friends..

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Friday with tears and sweat

I pushed the heavy door open and walked into the familiar place again this evening. Still seeing people running and cycling there even though it's a Friday.

I was very emotional these two days. Just wonder why the number is not going down as quickly as I thought it would. I had been very discipline this one whole week, and yet the results is not very encouraging. WHY?

I should have controlled my emotions during my workout.. At certain point i really almost cried but then i could't because i was gasping for air and panting like Conan after we bring him for a walk outside. i found it really funny now.. hehee.....  i tell you,
You cant cry when you are doing workout!!!!!
do try it out yourself and let me know...

Ahh...  was really frustrated and disappointed with myself! Just as I thought it was gonna be a gloomy Friday night for me, he came in. and joined me in the gym. I guessed he could sense my sadness, or saw my status update in FB maybe... not sure.. but the fact that he went to gym this evening was an encouragement to me.

We went over to Nando's to join the gang for dinner. Guess what I ordered? Quarter Chicken with Peri Chips and Coleslaw for sidelines!!!!!!! no lahhhhh of course................... I ordered this instead
Photo taken after i finished half of the salad

Caesar Salad (which i very much regretted later) because of the Parmesan Cheese they sprinkled on it (i dun like Parmesan Cheese) However, i did finish the salad and it also filled my empty stomach for the evening.

I'm feeling so much better now!
I know that I'm not supposed to be so emotional and breakdown so easily. What to do, even the greatest machine breaks down occasionally and need  maintenance right?
I will continue on this journey with a better spirit next week. Though it's a bumpy ride, but I know I will never walk alone :)
Blessed weekend to you all.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

fish head steamboat for a celebration of 3 working years

Last Friday, we went all the way to the mainland for a dinner together with the lunchmates. It took us almost 2 hrs before we could reach the place, due to the heavy traffic on Penang Bridge.

We enjoyed our steamboat there. It was really a suitable place with good air ventilation for steamboat. It was not like other bbq steamboat restaurants that I have been to before this, and I always ended up smelling horrible when reached home. The soup for the steamboat was boiled with fish head and yam, and this is the signature soup for the restaurant. It was really good!!!!!!! We all enjoyed drinking the soup too...

We ordered 2 sets, which cost RM 158 each. Later on we added quail eggs and mantis shrimps, and the total bill came to RM 365.50 for 13 of us.
4 most "laku" dishes of the night

Other dishes which came with the package we ordered

Menu available there

Individual shots

There are some funny and light moments being captured and shown below.
Enjoy :)

Almost forgot to mention the location of the restaurant,
check it out:
Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday with no sweat

I was determined to resume my workout session today after a weekend stuffed with food. After Friday's fish head steamboat at Raja Uda, yesterday I had something like the one below @.@ as we were celebrating my brother's birthday at Kim Gary. Not  forgetting to mention that KFC on Saturday night.
I read C-A-L-O-R-I-E-S on this plate. Can u read it too?

Too bad, things turned out not the way I expected it to be when 5pm approached. There was an urgent task last minute in the evening and I need to stay back a while to settle my work in order that the production parts can proceed tonight. Sigh.

So no sweat for today. But I joined the usual gang for dinner and ordered this:

Yeah.. it's a "Horlicks Juak" (hot Horlick)!!!!
And I had nothing but the hot drink for dinner. Being sympathy with me, Min Fei offered me half a piece of bai kut ong (pork ribs) from his plate. >.< and so I got to chew on the juicy pork for a few seconds before I swallowed.

Now the clock shows 11.21 and I'll be going to bed soon with the small chunk of bai kut ong and horlicks digesting in my stomach. I could feel it.
No sweats and no fats (plz don't tell me the Horlicks is fattening, please dont)  >.<
Good night peeps :D