Friday, 29 April 2011

how to spend our AL?

I just checked and found out that I have a total of 20 days leaves. That is so cool, don't you think so? haha.. sorry if this sounds like bragging / showing off. I just want to SS (syeok sendiri) here in my blog because I really never in my whole working life have such many leaves. After working for 2 years and 10 months, I finally get to accumulate some leaves which enable me to plan a holiday or just a good break.

Last time I always envied my seniors and teammates who were having concerns on how to clear their leaves and now, I CAN CLEAR MY LEAVES TOO.. muahahaha

So, what should I do with these leaves? what you usually do to clear your leaves?
Oooooooo.. i'm spoilt for choice... ^^

It's a long weekend starting tomorrow. Have a good one, people..

Till I see you again,
Ying Ying Dai Tao Har


ChrisAu said...


Daniel Chiam said...

Agreed with ChrisAu! Vacation... Vacation... Vacation... go and do stuff that you always wanted to do but always seems to unable find the time to do it, haha

eugene said...

Hey, i was so surprised to have you coming jt my blog at 2 am this morning,,, cannot sleep ka? can't wait for the long weekend ,right?

never mind,just enjoy it before you know it,the long weekend will habis very soon one.

20 days leave, make good use of them,

wishing you a great holiday, me i am going to Queensbay Mall to buy some stuff,if you happen to bump into me, say hi ya?

take care now and god bless

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

ChrisAu & Daniel, hmm.... need to start planning now dee.

Daniel, napping is something I wanted to do but seems like after graduate fr uni this "hobby" no longer exists in my life liao.. so should I take a leave for a luxurious nap? XD ignore this cuz it's just a wild thought ^^

eugene, was late home from a farewell with colleagues, and need to pack up for my weekend trip to Ipoh this morning ^^ that's why you got the comment at 2 am. eversince we have Qbay I go there like at least once every week. >.< really hope can bump into you. But maybe will not recognise you because the real person may be more handsome than the one in blogsphere ^^

HAVE A GOOD REST THIS WEEKEND!! we all deserve this =) GOD BLESS =)