Thursday, 26 May 2011

A song, a stage and an audience (preparation)

I'm in the finals! Woo hoo..... Some of you who do not know what kind of finals I'm in, you can check it out here and here.

These are the prizes that I may get to win. and guess what, we have a total of 6 finalists, so RM 100 cash shopping voucher is what I will definitely get! (unless I did not turn up, oops >.<)
1 st Prize : RM700
2nd Prize : RM500
3rd Prize : RM300
Consolation Prizes : RM100 X 3 Prizes
(All prizes in cash shopping vouchers)

The big day is in about two weeks time. Previously I was not too bothered by it but now as the day is approaching, I'm starting to feel a little bit anxious. :D

I still don't know how exactly I'm going to deliver the song. (I'm singing "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles) Should I hold the mic or should I use the mic stand? Or maybe hold mic half way then put back on the stand or the other way round? Should I use some extra gestures to show my emotion or emphasis?

Mic in his hand

Mic on the stand with her hand on it
So many ways of singing with a mic @.@

I think my biggest challenge is to slim down and to dress up for the night. I need to get rid of my spare tyre.
Therefore, I need to be very discipline in my daily gym workout session and also my tummy exercise before go to bed everyday. ( I just skipped my gym workout yesterday n went to watch Insidious instead >.< ) Gosh... that is tough!!! I pray that I will be able to overcome this challenge in two weeks.

Besides this, I need to stay healthy. I am recovering from sorethroat and cough currently. Due to being indisciplined in finishing my antibiotics medicine, now (after a week) I'm still coughing slightly especially in the morning and starting to have a swell in my gum. :(

This morning, I visited the company in-house clinic and got myself a handful of medicine in order to speed up my recovery.

1. Uphadyl forte expectorant to relieve chesty cough
2. Antibiotic tablets (4 times a day for 4 days) to kill the bacteria - this time i must finish them >.<
3. Aspirin to gargle with water
4. Papase to reduce my swollen gum
5. Bonjela gel to apply on my swollen gum

on the road to recovery! ;)

The more I write the more I feel stressed up.. 
Sui Ying!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just a company dinner, just go there eat, sing and have fun for the night. Don't worry about these small matters :P

Saturday, 21 May 2011

a few good men

Last night, I accidentally left my hp at the Arc Trainer in my company's gym room. I didn't realise it until a few hours later. But when I returned to the gym room after the guard opened the door for me, the hp was no longer there. My heart sank. I blamed it on myself for being careless. and now i gotta spend a few hundreds ringgit to buy a new phone. Ughhhhh..  My plan to wait for the release of the next generation of iPHONE was spoiled.

I still didn't really give up on the search and we went back to car  to look for the pink hp again while dear trying to call my hp number. Strange that the person who took the hp didn't turn it off as we could still get through my hp number. While we were still in the car, checking out every corner, tried calling one of my colleagues who was there with me in the gym to see whether he saw my hp or not, texting to my phone to beg the person to sell the phone back to me (dear sms-ed in BM somemore XD: tolong pulangkan hp saya dan saya akan belinya dari anda and bla bla bla... ) then suddenly, someone returned the call, using my phone.

My hp was found by a colleague !!! He told dear his name. Oh! I know that name and I know that he's a frequent gym user as I always see him in the gym. We did chat a few words before in the gym previously. He said that due to his is not available during the weekends to return the phone to me, he will do so on Monday!!! I was so happy that moment that I wiped out the tears around my eyes and started smilling with hope. Thank God that my hp is in safe hands!!!! Thank God for this nice guy who even assured dear that he will keep the hp safe with him.

Dear said he will buy him a tube of JJ Swiss Roll from Ipoh to thank him on Monday when we return to work. Thank you John for helping me to keep my hp! and sorry for the trouble of explaining to my mom when she called on my hp, without realising that my hp is with someone else.>.< I hope there won't be anymore calls to my hp during the weekends... >.<

This was not the 1st time I encounter such incident. There was once I dropped my purse in a cafeteria in a private college. (We went to a private college nearby our office for lunch, haha.. funny right.. ) I realised it when we were back to office and got down from our car. We returned to the cafeteria and we saw a group of young boys sitting next to our table where we had our lunch 20 minutes ago. I went up to them and asked about my purse. and there was this one boy who had my wallet in his hand, took out my IC and started looking at it and at me and said, "Oh, so this is you?". I then said yes and he handed the purse to me without asking further. I thanked him and drove back to office, thinking to myself that I was lucky to meet such a group of honest young men!! That time I had about  RM150  and credit cards in my purse and he did not take anything from the purse!

I have to say a big thank you to some of the few good men here in Penang that I bumped into. I thank God for these people as they were honest and kind to me. Thank God for His protection too.

I was even more convinced that there are a lot of good and honest people around the world when i read in The Star paper this morning on this news with the title of "Housebuyer finds and returns RM 135,000" in WORLD section. Go check it out! (you can read the online article by abcnews here too)

MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOLKS as you continue to do good and be honest to the people around you!

p/s: Now you know why I was nicknamed "Dai Tao Har" by my grandma la. blek. keke

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Special Day (Part 2)

It was a fun but tiring day as we were baking egg tarts for the whole afternoon.

Those were easy, simple steps to bake egg tarts and you should try it at home too. i got this recipe from my colleague, Winnie (hehe.. harlo Winnie, thanks ya :D)

After the 1st batch of 11 egg tarts were done (actually there were only 10 successful ones, 1 was scrapped due to the pastry inside was not fully cooked), there were still much fillings left. So we decided not to waste it and we did the 2nd batch by preparing the pastry again. The 2nd batch turned out to be more successful!

Getting all ingredients and baking items ready
We can make 11 egg tarts with the recipe provided

Me and my tarts (1st try)

2nd batch looks nicer with the amount of butter used accordingly to the recipe

There is one problem with the final product:
After one night, the crust of the tarts had turned soft and not as crispy as the day before. I still do not know what is the reason. Perhaps I should keep them in air-tight container instead of exposing them to air after cooling down from oven? Or the recipe is incomplete with some secret ingredients removed? Tak taulah...

Baking egg tarts is much fun. I definitely going to do it again soon!! keke...... 

Anyway, this is a special day as a year ago, we decided to start this relationship together. Happy Anniversary Dear. :*)
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Special Day (Part 1)

Monday night after work he insisted on to go down to 1st Avenue shopping mall for dinner as he wanted to get me something that I always wanted.. which is an eternal home for my Choco!!!!!!!

I found this lovely bag on ebay sometime ago but I just felt insecure by paying US$31.95 plus another US$25 online for the item to be shipped out from Korea. Moreover, it's US$ 56.95 (RM 188) for a synthetic leather cross bag ler...I didn't really want to spend so much.. Anyway, I mentioned to him about this cute bag sometime ago, when I first got my mini instax 7s. We also found this bag sold in a shop at the basement of 1st Avenue, called Analog Kaki. But then, it's still not cheap.. RM 169 >.<

He remembers it till now, and decided to get one for me as a gift. I'm so very happy as he knows and remembers what I told him. He might not be a romantic type of guy but he has a sensitive heart, not all the time though :P
We chose one that is in dark brown color, and below is a snap shot of my lovely bag!

I'm totally in love with my cross bag! :P

I truly love this chic and cute cross bag that designed specially for mini 7s. My baby fits perfectly in the bag and there is still space for an extra pack of film.

A matching color for my Choco
Woo hoo.. i no longer need to wrap my baby in an ugly bubble wrap dee....thanks to dear for this special gift :)

This was what i used to wrap my camera. Ugly hor.. keke :P
It did serve the purpose of protection though ^^

(i still keep it just in case i need it for protection purpose next time :P)

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Meet Conan - the new addition to Tan's family

Hi all, it's been almost 3 weeks since i posted a blog. >.< I better not make this a habit. bad bad bad... have to blog more regularly....

Hmm.. of course many things happened during these silent weeks....

But today i'm gonna write about our new addition to my family. *wink wink*

ooops... A grumpy look :P

hehe.... paiseh paiseh.. his face a bit grumpy due to he was about to be bathed by me... poor thing...kekeke..
Conan is a 5 year old Shih Tzu (a fully grown adult doggie - ah pek liao?) and you guys might be wondering how did we get him...

He's actually given away by my mom's friend. The owner's husband is kinda fed up and stressed up with the doggie when he barked in the middle of the night whenever there was thunder storm.. but how did he tolerate this for five years? Don't ask me.. I also dunno leh... >.< 
However, the previous owner and her kids loved Conan very much. (Conan the doggie was actually a birthday gift for the son and the puppy costs RM 1k with microchip implanted on his body and birth cert  is included). They reluctantly gave him away as Daddy could not stand the disturbance at night anymore... 

To cut the story short, we adopted him =) This is almost the 3rd week he's with us... He no longer look depressed as he was when he first arrived. He's now a cheerful (but lazy) and cute dog. Frankly, I don't really like dogs with short muzzle like pug, bulldog and shih tzu. But now after three weeks with Conan, I adore him!!!!!!!the cuteness in his look just grows each day

I bathed Conan, solo for the 1st time >.<

This Saturday morning mom was away in school. So I have no one to help me so I decided to bath Conan all by myself... 
Conan is about to get his bath by me!!!!

Some shots taken during the process.. thanks to Issac for helping with the camera capturing =)

Ready to get wet, Conan? :P (not really ready)

Let's make some foams and bubbles 1st... :D

His face not showing any signs of excitement at all!!! ^^

Washing his hairy ears

Massaging his neck and shoulder at same time

"Ughhh,, please finish this fast" - Conan

You cant run away from this!

Drying him with a cloth

and next with a hair dryer ^^

I think I still need to brush up my skills to bath a dog. A bit kelam kabut as this was my first time doing it alone. I still do not have a single idea on how to clean his ears, from the inside i mean.
Last week I was the assistant to my mom and this week no one assisted me!!! >.<

Any advises from you all are very much welcomed and appreciated!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Labour Day btw 1.30pm to 5.30pm

We managed to buy our tickets to go back! after some counter to counter ticket hunting on Sunday morning at Gopeng Bus Station. I know I know, should have get them on Saturday, but we totally forgot it until the next day. Thank God that we manage to get the tickets from Star Shuttle (if i remembered correctly). But only to Butterworth. >.< at least we can go back lah..  and the ticket costs only RM 16 for a person from Ipoh to Butterworth.

Hmm.. There is a price for everything la. You get what you pay. It was uncomfortable for a three hour journey with the air-cond not functioning well. Moreover, it's 1.30pm in the afternoon. So you can imagine how discomfort we were that time. I could imagine if my mom was there with me, she would have gone mad sitting in a bus like that for three hour as she is someone 'kia juak' (afraid of hot weather / hot condition).

RM 16 for a seat with malfunction air-cond, anyone?
smile for the camera lar, i noe it's hard to do so under such condition XD
The bus stopped at Parit Buntar to drop passengers off. I get to see my beloved town where we used to hang out with CFers and uni friends in those mamak stalls, kopitiam and some mini supermarket they have there in Parit Buntar. Nice tour actually.Brought back some fond memories of the good old days in university. :)

Does this spot look familiar to you?
Yeah, we took a  ferry ride to go over to the island! We truly enjoyed the ferry ride as the breeze was so cooling and refreshing, compared to the condition we experienced in the bus =.= Moreover, it had been so long since the last time I took a ferry ride. It was indeed a fun and nostalgic ride for the price of RM 1.20 ^^

Passengers on the deck
There is a counter selling drinks and bread at the front of the passenger deck

me taking a sip of my 100 plus
It only took us around 15 minutes to get across to Penang Island. While we were waiting for my parents to pick us up in front of this Rapid Penang Info Centre, we noticed so many buses heading towards Bayan Lepas area ---> Relau, Sg Nibong, Airport etc. so convenient lar ^^ but .. mom is already on their way! nvm la. we were a little bit exhausted after the travelling anyway. 

Rapid Penang bus leaving Weld Quay

hmm.. next time only try Rapid Penang lar

We noticed this mini clock tower above WISMA MTT, opposite where we were waiting, that chimed accurately, 

We went for an early dinner at Cecil Street Market (chit diao lor) after parents picked us up.
and that's about it for my Labour Day!
not forget to mention there is a new addition to my family :P and I only realised it the moment I reached home from my travelling. I will surely blog about it soon. Stay tuned peeps.