Thursday, 26 May 2011

A song, a stage and an audience (preparation)

I'm in the finals! Woo hoo..... Some of you who do not know what kind of finals I'm in, you can check it out here and here.

These are the prizes that I may get to win. and guess what, we have a total of 6 finalists, so RM 100 cash shopping voucher is what I will definitely get! (unless I did not turn up, oops >.<)
1 st Prize : RM700
2nd Prize : RM500
3rd Prize : RM300
Consolation Prizes : RM100 X 3 Prizes
(All prizes in cash shopping vouchers)

The big day is in about two weeks time. Previously I was not too bothered by it but now as the day is approaching, I'm starting to feel a little bit anxious. :D

I still don't know how exactly I'm going to deliver the song. (I'm singing "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles) Should I hold the mic or should I use the mic stand? Or maybe hold mic half way then put back on the stand or the other way round? Should I use some extra gestures to show my emotion or emphasis?

Mic in his hand

Mic on the stand with her hand on it
So many ways of singing with a mic @.@

I think my biggest challenge is to slim down and to dress up for the night. I need to get rid of my spare tyre.
Therefore, I need to be very discipline in my daily gym workout session and also my tummy exercise before go to bed everyday. ( I just skipped my gym workout yesterday n went to watch Insidious instead >.< ) Gosh... that is tough!!! I pray that I will be able to overcome this challenge in two weeks.

Besides this, I need to stay healthy. I am recovering from sorethroat and cough currently. Due to being indisciplined in finishing my antibiotics medicine, now (after a week) I'm still coughing slightly especially in the morning and starting to have a swell in my gum. :(

This morning, I visited the company in-house clinic and got myself a handful of medicine in order to speed up my recovery.

1. Uphadyl forte expectorant to relieve chesty cough
2. Antibiotic tablets (4 times a day for 4 days) to kill the bacteria - this time i must finish them >.<
3. Aspirin to gargle with water
4. Papase to reduce my swollen gum
5. Bonjela gel to apply on my swollen gum

on the road to recovery! ;)

The more I write the more I feel stressed up.. 
Sui Ying!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just a company dinner, just go there eat, sing and have fun for the night. Don't worry about these small matters :P


Daniel Chiam said...

OMG Ying Ying!!! I check out your youtube and you can really sing girl!!!! Congrats for making it this far and hopefully you'll get that 1st prize... banyak duit oh... haha


Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

thank you thank you ^^ manyak duit tapi i'm not aiming for the 1st prize la.. haha.. RM100 is good enuf.. :P can go shopping wad.

eMiLy said...

Good luck and all the best. You sure do sing well!! And above all take care of yourself yah.
All the best and GOOD LUCK. God Bless!~ ^^

lingching said...

I just can't wait to see your performance on that night...Add oil oh my dear~~ No matter what is the end of result, you are the best among us... (^^)

Anonymous said...

RM700! Wah!! Good luck! And don't forget to save a bit of the money to give me a treat when I go to Penang again... Eternal Flame! I can sing that too. Hehehehehe!!!

reanaclaire said...

hey i watched your have a very sweet voice.. are you going to play the keyboard this time? if you are not, then you should hold the mic and sing with emotions.. focus on the lyrics and the feeling of emotions will project out naturally..
jia you!!

Jacksjye said...

Good luck girl!!! You will win!!!!

Bananazஇ said...

Go out there with full blast and blaze the stage with eternal flame. Good luck!!!

ChrisAu said...

Good luck!!!!

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

eMiLy, thanks to your best wishes. I still have a swelling gum :( hope this week can recover :)

lingching, thank you for the support ;) I'll do my best

suituapui, next time when you come visit i wanna sing it with you. thank you for the best wishes. I'll do my best for the RM 700 la :)

reanaclaire, nope. i'll only be singing with the minus one track. appreciate the advice given. i'll take note on that. thank you thank you. :)

Jacksjye, thank you for the support. I am already a winner with so many supports given by you all here.. haha :P

Bananaz, thank you for dropping by at my blog. and I will do my best on the stage, thank you for the best wishes :)

ChrisAu, thank you. I will do my best :)

Hayley said...

If you are singing slow sentimental songs, its better to hold the mic as you dont have much dance to do. But of course still have to move your body abit.. hehe...
Just to share some personal experiences with you...

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Hayley, thank you for the advice. yeah i m going to hold the mic and swing a little bit. ^^ still got exactly one week's time. nervous nervous :P

Anonymous said...

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