Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Finally it's closed

I haven't been so relieved today in my workplace before.. that's it.. Finally it's a "good. thx" as I submitted my correction for the project to my instructor for the fourth time.

This training has started since last September and now finally coming to an end. By right the brown belt class was targeted to end by 2010 and was delayed for almost month! Why took so long? haha.. cant blame anyone... cuz there were many holidays in between.. some of the major celebrations including Christmas la, new year la, cny la, wedding la. hahah...  what to do? People always clear their annual leaves during year end right? ( I only can use "people" but not "we" cuz I didn't have not enough AL to "spend lavishly" that time... This year.. heheh... maybe..

I really thank God for able to complete my project. Thanks to my instructor too for being lenient and understanding to us. Frankly, I struggled a lot during the process as most of the elements taught in class are not used by me in my working responsibilities. I hope I will be able to use these "valuable tools" one day, since people talk much about Six Sigma nowadays (maybe now not so much liao lar)

and today, done the final correction and submission and yeah.. Waiting for a graduation ceremony for a certification to be presented to the students! A special graduation lunch will be provided but I'm not so looking forward to it since we will be having it in-house (company's canteen) instead of given a generous budget to be spent on buffet lunch in Equatorial's Hotel like what the seniors had 2-3 years ago..


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lingching said...

Well Done... You had added value for yourself after complete this brown belt training.... i still stop at green belt... wonder i still have opportunity to attend the brown belt training or not...