Thursday, 10 December 2015

Team building day at Holiday Inn Resort, at Batu Ferringhi, Penang

Lunch with my team building gang surrounded by this good view
I remember two years ago, when i was a newbie in my dept, i joined the team building. And that was my first time attending a team building. My boss assigned a task to me, which is to lead a mini ice breaking activity on the bus during our journey to Batu Ferringhi. Ice breaker prior to the ice breaker session which we will have later in the team building! Dont ask me why is that needed.. I had to bring along a guitar to entertain the gang in the bus.. Well, of course it went well and the whole gang enjoyed the session. I need to apologize to those who planned to get a quick nap of 45 min.

This time, I attended another team building session, without my boss! and without any ice breaking session in the bus. So i get to sleep, and the bus was quiet (perhaps my boss did have a good intention to cheer up the atmosphere in the bus in the morning :P)

Thank God for a good weather
I enjoyed the sessions too. One of the activities rather interesting is we did is knowing different type of leaders by building traditional malay house.

We were being separated into 3 teams. Tools and stationary given are two flip chart paper, scissor, straws, markers, masking tape
The 3 leaders are being instructed to behave according to the type of leaders as explained: Laissez-Faire, Autocratic and Democratic during the process of building the house, and of course, without telling anyone in the team of our pre-assigned behavior. The 3 leaders were asked to come forward to present their product at the end of the session and name a price for each of them.

Well, I was one of the leaders and guess which type of leader i need to act as? (hint: the one with the ugliest less attractive house). Yah.. LAISSEZ-FAIRE
It is not easy to pretend to be a care-free boss indeed. During the process, I was asked to lepak around the hotel and just return to check on the status from time to time, without giving any ideas to my team, everything is "as you like / up to you" when my team brought up ideas.

Outcome: (see pics below)

Conclusion: A good leader must be a situational behavior person to be successful, means all these behaviors must be used in different types of situation. All these behaviors are equally important and should be used according to the working environment / situation that one is in.

Of course there were other fun activities for indoor and outdoor. We all enjoyed laughing and cheering together.

It was a good Monday afterall :)

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Foodies I tried in Ipoh

Recently i made a trip down to Ipoh to visit his parents. It has been quite a while since i pay them a visit, due to it is hard to arrange for replacement for the duties i have in church on saturday and sunday.

It is always nice to be there, we will go for food hunting and sadly after the trip, I will see the significant increase in the number appeared on the electronic weighing scale. But who cares, eat more so that I can lose more weight.

So here are some food we tried out this round.

Pasir Pinji Chee Cheong Fun -
waited for about half an hour before the food can be served. But it tasted good! This stall operates at the compound of an old house, and it only opens during weekday

Rojak -
Unlike Penang rojak, this rojak comes with a small bowl of paste for you to dip the cut fruits before you put it into your mouth. I havent found any rojak stall in Penang that comes with ambarella a.k.a 'umbra'.
Pasir Pinji Chee Cheong Fun

The CCF stall is set up at the compound of the owner's house

Rojak at Jelapang

Ice Kacang at Jelapang

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Change is a constant

Hello my dear readers (if there are still anyone left),

Here is an attempt to revive my blog which has been inactive for the about 3 yrs already.

As I scroll through my previous posts, i found that so many things have changed in my life.
My career, my relationship, my lifestyle..

I am glad to have this posted today..

I hope i shall have discipline to post up some writings from time to time from this day onwards =)

Cheers to a good restart, and I will end with a photo which taken during my BKK trip with my girl friends (testing out the posting image feature and seems successful :P)

Chocolate Ville, Bangkok