Wednesday, 10 August 2011

reading, travelling, here i come!

Reading is a very healthy activity but too bad i lost this passion of reading since many years ago. Nowadays it always takes forever to finish a book after i start reading one. However, I have started to read recently by the hope of "reviving" the passion so that I can be more knowledgeable and more sensitive to global issues. Uh well, I hope I'll be able to finish reading the book and share it with you in my blog soon.

About two weeks ago, there were some salespersons coming into our company to promote their magazine subscription package.

It is quite a good deal when you only need to pay RM438.00 for the two magazines of your choice for one year of subscription and the most interesting offer they have is,
you will be getting a tour package to Shanghai / Beijing for not one but two pax.
They have different varieties of magazines for your selection such as TIME, FORTUNE 500, READER'S DIGEST, JALAN-JALAN, TRAVELMATE etc.

After went home to discuss with my dad, I picked TIME and Reader's Digest for my one year subscription.
Not only I get to read, but dad also can spend his free time reading them since he's now a full time house"wife" after retirement :P

And yes, I'm going to travel to Shanghai!!!!! yippie..... this is truly wonderful as I always dream of travelling to other countries. The only foreign country and the furthest country that I have ever been to is Singapore :S
Thank God i have this 2nd opportunity to travel overseas! yeahhhhh..... Min Fei also subscribed and we will be travelling to Shanghai together with his parents :)

For your info, the tour package does not include airfare. So we've got to buy our own tickets and I'll be checking in to Air Asia website more often nowadays to look for cheap tickets. :D
The travelling period is valid until 31st of May 2012.
Besides, there are some hidden charges such as tour guide tipping, visa application and extra local land tour fee that I need to pay for the tour.

The form for the promotion
Some free magazines I received from the salesperson.
(after paying for my subscription, I specially requested for the one  featuring the royal wedding :P)

An extra free gift for two subscription by us :D
(i heard that this book costs more than a hundred ringgit in MPH)
So what else besides the magazines and the tour package I get for paying RM 438? of course... it is 
the RM 438 that I can claim for my income tax for the year 2011. :) 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

mee goreng Itali

Me and Min Fei decided to prepare lunch for the family on this day... and dad was complaining about the 2 packets of spagetti left unopened for quite a while already in the kitchen cabinet. So we thought it was a good time clearing the stock while it is still within the best before date (already checked, it expires in 2012 ^^)

Therefore, we prepared this nice Italian dish: Aglio e Olio 
It happens to be my dad and Min Fei's favourite type of pasta and they really don't like Spaghetti Bolognese with the tomato paste as they found it too wet and sweet. 

One packet of spaghetti added into the boiling water

marinated minced meat
Onions and garlic cut into thin slices
Button mushrooms and capsicum (i insisted must include the 3 type of capsicum which added vibrant colours to my spaghetti)
3 plates of ingredients :)
you cant exclude them in your cooking if you want your Aglio e Olio to taste fantastic
All were put into a big bowl to be carried down to the kitchen

al dente :)

Colourful combination in the wok

need a guy to do the stir frying cause the mixture of ingredients were really heavy >.<

Tadahhhh.. our "finished good" :P

Me and mee

Our "finished good" on the dining table ready to be wallop :P