Saturday, 15 December 2012

First half and second half

6 months since my last post, 6 months?! Ying Ying Dai Tao Har, this shows how lazy you are being a blogger. *fail* Here is my first post after 6 months. and I decided to blog about this past week that was unforgettable for me in my 4 yrs + working life in my current company.

Well it started off with a nice Monday as 1st half of the day was nice and easy. No Monday blue :) My dear friend invited me to join her for a lunch at town as she wanted to show me a nice cafe around town. We left office slightly earlier than usual lunch time to town. Here are some nice photos taken in this cafe called "La Vanille"

La Vanille

La Vanille

A rack with so many cute miniatures on the wall

Rabbit on the board
3 cupcakes for RM10

Noms noms noms

Santa on cupcakes :)

That's me in December 2012

Super like this wall deco

Though it was a quick lunch, i enjoyed eating in that place. Moreover, price of the food is not too expensive.

The second half of the day after i returned to office was totally opposite from the 1st half. It was terrible. It was the beginning of my tragical week when I realized that I did a silly mistake on my work. It was too late for us to correct the mistake as the parts had already been loaded in the production line.

For the next few days, I was busy with explaining, apologizing, and clearing up the mess that I myself created. Well, my program counterpart which I work closely with had a harder time actually, for he has to explain to our US counterpart on the error and provide a proper package to explain the scenario.

The error that I did was actually using a new setting that was not intended, when I was supposed to change back to the old setting after the decision was made last minute by US counterpart.

To cut the story short, I thank God as by the end of Friday, the tension was able to be reduced and finally most of the crucial things were fixed. People began to understand the whole incident as they realized that communication was also a cause to this error. It was not over yet of course, but I know that things are in better control :)

These few days I kept praying that God will help me to stay strong and not to break down emotionally. True enough God was in control. I thank God for my program counterpart is understanding and helpful to me in times like this. He didn't just leave me to settle the problem by myself. I learned my lesson, in a hard way definitely. I also thank my dear and I know that he was trying to cheer me up when he saw a less cheerful me during the week. He kept saying that "no biggie, it's just work"  My bff was also showing her concern and care too. She boiled tongshui for me and encourage me to ganbate in clearing up the mess.

This was my week, when Christmas is just around the corner. :S
i hope that i will have a good and peaceful Christmas by then.