Monday, 4 June 2012

Macchiato night = mai chia to (Hokkien translation)

It was a relaxing sunday evening because Monday is a replacement holiday for me!!! Whee!!! I brought my parents for a nice dinner at James Foo. Again it was just the three of us as my sista was away in KL attending her job interviews and bro was attending a wedding dinner. Haha. I need to explain to my siblings that I did not do this deliberately but so happen that they both were not around most of the time I bring my parents out for dinner :P

"It was a satisfying dinner", "The deep fried fish is better than the fish & chips in Manhattan Fish Market lo", "Luckily we didn't go to Straits Quay, the food is so much cheaper here", these were some of the good remarks given by both of my parents.

As usual, my parents don't like us to spend too much on dinner, and they prefer cheap and good food. James Foo is the right choice we made as you can find varieties of western food at a reasonable price here.

Crispy Spring Roll with nice dip sauce

Deep Fried Fish

Oxtail Soup

extra tartar sauce

After filling their stomach with yummy western food, I brought them to a nice place for some desserts and coffee. This place is recommended by my bff and she brought me there a few weeks ago.

Along the way we passed by this famous Nasi Beratur shop and people were really queuing up (see the long queue in the photo below) to buy the rice =.= One day I must try it

Long Queue at Nasi Beratur

You may refer to the website for more info on this interesting heritage building cafe - CHINAHOUSE

Mom and Dad

Brown Sugar Caramel Pear Cake - RM15

Roast Plum & Blackberry Cake - RM12

Here comes the interesting part of the evening as I suggested to dad this Macchiato drink listed in the menu.
When the drink came, here is how it looks like in a small glass - not even half filled. Dad was kinda surprised by the size of the drink and he thought of this hokkien name for it - Mai Chia To (it means do not spill the drink) since it costs RM9 for such a small glass of coffee. LOL

Macchiato - Mai Chia To?? - RM9

Affogato - RM14

We were half way through the desserts

CHINAHOUSE - a long narrow building made of three heritage buildings linked by an open courtyard


Food is not cheap here as you can see from the price i put in the captions above. But I think once a while it is good to bring your loved ones here to enjoy the 'mai chia to' coffee and the cakes which are richly filled with ingredients. :)