Monday, 14 November 2011

my very first 21k

Today is the first day of the working weekdays, and it is also the last week before Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011.

Well, I am not sure whether I am well prepared by now or not. Hmmmm.. I have done some outdoors running as well as those weekday indoor training on the treadmill. But as the DAY is approaching, I start to feel pain on my lower leg muscle. :( Last Saturday, I couldn't even finish 1 lap of running around PISA ( Penang International Sports Arena). I guess I will have to stop stressing my muscles from today onwards, and let them recover before this Saturday.

Today I did go to the gym despite the mild injury that I'm suffering on my legs for the moment. But of course, no more 10 km on Cardio Mode, just some walking and running using Manual Mode. Not to forget some workouts on other equipments

5km in 43 minutes - that's what I've got for today :S
Ab Cruncher - good for getting rid of 'spare tyres'

Leg press

P/S: To all my dear friends in Blogsphere, I'm back from MIA again.. sorry... this new blogger is not being discipline in blogging again :S

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday workout followed by a yummy yet simple dinner :)

It has been a while since I blogged about my workout. Well, I have not much of breakthrough so far, just trying to maintain the record of one hour of running on treadmill, cardio mode.

Yesterday I did the running again and managed to capture this shot when i was done on the treadmill.
7km in an hour - not too bad i guess
I think I did not share with you in my blog on another reason I need this workout besides burning fat. I signed up for Penang Bridge run for the first time :D Surely with the current training record, it will be kinda tough for me to complete the half marathon in 3.5 hours. Therefore, I need to push myself further but I'm not sure how am I going to do it. Any advise?

After the evening workout at gym, I had dinner with Min Fei at his rented apartment since he brought back his mom's cooking from home on Sunday. It is one of her mom's signature dish - homemade yong tau foo. Yumz! So we reheated the dish by steaming it in a big steel pot as we do not have microwave oven. While waiting for the dish to be ready, I decided to fry eggs so that we can have more variety to our simple dinner for the night.

fried eggs :D (sorry, they don't look presentable)
yong tau foo
Here is what our dinner look like in the picture below. We bought the rice from the stall selling bak kut teh nearby and it costed RM 1.60 for two packets of plain rice (nowadays you hardly find 50 cents plain rice anymore). Of course I gave a few spoonfuls of rice away to Min Fei!

The meat paste made by aunty was a combination of fish and pork, stuffed in beancurd, tau fu pok, and green chilies. I luv them all!! The dish is a bit too salty by its own but it goes perfectly well with the plain rice =)

I felt really full after the dinner and I didn't feel guilty for taking rice during dinner time. Notice the red plastic bag on the left? haha.. it's bak kua from Ipoh. I took one piece of that too .... Ooooops >.<
Hahas....Actually I have decided to stop skipping dinner after trying it for about 5 days during weekdays, for a consecutive of 2-3 weeks but it's not really effective for me to lose weight by doing so. Instead, I was having some stomach discomfort quite often during those time. I guess I need to eat my dinner to lose weight healthily. Moreover, I need enegy to run kan? :)

Happy Tuesday peeps :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A fun walk along heritage buildings

Me and my family took part again in starwalk for this year, and I dragged Min Fei along. Unlike last year, this time, we brought along a DLSR (carried by Min Fei all the time) and managed to capture some nice shots during the walk. The route was also different from the last few years as we get to walk through Georgetown and pass by some of the heritage buildings in Penang. It was really exciting for us as we get to see some of the famous heritage landmarks in Georgetown. Thanks to the organiser, this year participants were having a great time engaging in this fun-filled family sporting activity while having the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Penang as a heritage city by WALKING :D

Our not-so-sleepy look :P
Gonna start walking soon :)
it was a little bit cloudy when we started off the walk
Hey, that's dad's favourite bakery where he gets his roti bengkali from almost every Sunday after dinner, at Transfer Road
walk walk walk
Shih Chung old school
So dilapidated
I heard it's haunted : S

Along Lebuh Farquhar - oops, whose face is that? so 'beh syeok' de... ^^
At the front of E&O Hotel
Spotted a kid on her cool skooter

Penang Supreme Court Building looks majestic

The road was already opened for traffic, how come?
Each of us actually got a small booklet with 6 heritage buildings on each page. We were supposed to carry it along our walk and get a stamp on each picture of the heritage building as we reached different station. At the end of the day, participants with the complete stamps were entitled to a lucky draw at Penang Time Square. Interesting kan? However, I found it time consuming as we need to queue up at those stations in order to get the stamps.

There was also a photo contest, where participants were requested to capture happy moments during the heritage building tour. I am thinking of sending in my entry form :D hehe..

Heritage Building No. 1: City Hall

a nice scenery with sun reflection :)
Oh no.. sun has come up >.<|||

Heritage Building No. 2: Fort Cornwallis

Fort Cornwallis
Leaning tower of Penang? 0.0
Heritage Building No. 3: St. George's Church

When we saw this, we knew that the free drink distribution stall is not far.
In fact, it was just right in front of us

I felt like pouring the drink into my mouth instead of sipping it gently.
Gosh, I was mad thirsty. 

People enjoying the drinks while taking a break

Heritage Building No. 4: Goddes of Mercy Temple

Heritage Building No. 5: Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Have you tried this "nasi beratur" which is very famous during the night?
You really have to queue for it, no kidding.

Yu Yan Sang building at Chulia Street

Heritage Building No. 6: Kapitan Keling Mosque

Gosh, I'm tired, my feet are tired. 

Some quaint shops along the heritage trail
There were so many of such buildings can be seen along the way
You should notice this building if you are familiar with the roads in Georgetown

In front of a shop selling praying items

Famous teochew porridge - Squat and Eat
Let me know if you have ever try it


At the finishing point

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A delicious dinner @ Delicious, Straits Quay

Hello all, I have returned after being so quiet for more than 1 month. I need to admit that I'm still lack of enthusiasm to blog sometimes, especially when i'm busy and tied up with work or events. Recently I have received a call from a blogger, reminding me that I have been MIA for a while in blogsphere, and my colleague who is also my blog follower, keeps nagging about me not posting up anything recently, that's why now I'm forcing myself to complete this drafted post, which has been pending in my blog list for a while :P

Min Fei's parents and sister came over to Penang (in July) for a short visit. We brought them to Straits Quay for a dinner, which I believe is the most happening place in this island currently. 

I know that this is a very late post (sorry for that :P). It is still a big challenge for me to update blog on a daily basis. So I am keeping all my photos and will try to write up something when I have the urge / inspiration / "semangat" to do so. 

clockwise from bottom left: onion soup, Rendang short ribs, Mascarpone Pesto Chicken served with fried potatoes and asparagus, pan-seared crispy skin salmon
clockwise from left: spicy zucchini spaghettini with feta cheese and pine nuts, Carbonara Spaghettini, homemade Pesto Spaghettini
Marsala Lambshank (yummeh)

The food was good and they all came in very big portion, and of course with a slightly high price.
If you are interested to try the Marsala Lambshank, it's recommended to share it with another person unless you are a big eater.

I was told that the dessert sold there is very nice and worth a try especially the Coconut Cake, but we had too much during that night. None of us was able to try the dessert as we were struggling hard to finish the main dishes. =.= so i will come back for the dessert and afternoon tea some day. :) 

Some of the pictures we took for the night at Straits Quay

Penang is a small island. We met cousins there with my grandma too. Too bad she's not in the pic. 

What's your favourite hangout / restaurant at Straits Quay? Do share with me ya :)