Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Labour Day btw 1.30pm to 5.30pm

We managed to buy our tickets to go back! after some counter to counter ticket hunting on Sunday morning at Gopeng Bus Station. I know I know, should have get them on Saturday, but we totally forgot it until the next day. Thank God that we manage to get the tickets from Star Shuttle (if i remembered correctly). But only to Butterworth. >.< at least we can go back lah..  and the ticket costs only RM 16 for a person from Ipoh to Butterworth.

Hmm.. There is a price for everything la. You get what you pay. It was uncomfortable for a three hour journey with the air-cond not functioning well. Moreover, it's 1.30pm in the afternoon. So you can imagine how discomfort we were that time. I could imagine if my mom was there with me, she would have gone mad sitting in a bus like that for three hour as she is someone 'kia juak' (afraid of hot weather / hot condition).

RM 16 for a seat with malfunction air-cond, anyone?
smile for the camera lar, i noe it's hard to do so under such condition XD
The bus stopped at Parit Buntar to drop passengers off. I get to see my beloved town where we used to hang out with CFers and uni friends in those mamak stalls, kopitiam and some mini supermarket they have there in Parit Buntar. Nice tour actually.Brought back some fond memories of the good old days in university. :)

Does this spot look familiar to you?
Yeah, we took a  ferry ride to go over to the island! We truly enjoyed the ferry ride as the breeze was so cooling and refreshing, compared to the condition we experienced in the bus =.= Moreover, it had been so long since the last time I took a ferry ride. It was indeed a fun and nostalgic ride for the price of RM 1.20 ^^

Passengers on the deck
There is a counter selling drinks and bread at the front of the passenger deck

me taking a sip of my 100 plus
It only took us around 15 minutes to get across to Penang Island. While we were waiting for my parents to pick us up in front of this Rapid Penang Info Centre, we noticed so many buses heading towards Bayan Lepas area ---> Relau, Sg Nibong, Airport etc. so convenient lar ^^ but .. mom is already on their way! nvm la. we were a little bit exhausted after the travelling anyway. 

Rapid Penang bus leaving Weld Quay

hmm.. next time only try Rapid Penang lar

We noticed this mini clock tower above WISMA MTT, opposite where we were waiting, that chimed accurately, 

We went for an early dinner at Cecil Street Market (chit diao lor) after parents picked us up.
and that's about it for my Labour Day!
not forget to mention there is a new addition to my family :P and I only realised it the moment I reached home from my travelling. I will surely blog about it soon. Stay tuned peeps.


lingching said...

Wah~~ Long time didn't back to Parit Buntar la... I miss the ABC laksa taste... yummy~~

eugene said...

Apa pasal tak mahu drive back ke Gopeng, not that far kan?

anyway, all ended well for you

K.R Paranga said...

nice nice...

ChrisAu said...

wah...i long time never take ferry to Penang...miss those days where i go almost every year!

eMiLy said...

All these places are so familiar to me. Haha.. Nice labour day u had.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

lingching, yeah.. i havent try it since i left uni >.< kinda miss it too leh

eugene, oh.. we drove back to Ipoh but bf had to leave his car back at home for trade in as he's getting a new one ^^

K.R Paranga, yeah.. come visit if you have the opportunity :)

ChrisAu, u should come visit and ride on the ferry again.

eMiLy, you must be travelling quite often.. Do enjoy ur life while you are in uni! =) take care