Saturday, 19 March 2011

Last minute change for the weekend plan

I packed this morning, getting ready for a trip down to Ipoh right after work, but ended up having Thai food for dinner at Khun Thai, Butterworth with colleagues. and now back at home posting my blog for the day.. what to do, I failed to get an appointment for facial with the aunty in Ipoh as she will be away for the weekend.. so yeah.. home sweet home this weekend I will be... though it is a last minute plan change, but I'm still ok with it.. The fellowship with a group of funny ppl was good.. I had a good night.. (it would be super awesome if there were a detour to auto city for a dessert/yum cha). ;P

Eventhough there will be no Ipoh food for the weekend, but weekend can still be good in the island. With the usual routine.. perhaps will grab him along to get some shopping done for tomorrow ;)

*Yawning* I gtg..this post will be a short one... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, PEOPLE.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har signing off....

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