Wednesday, 23 March 2011

1 hr queue - A Big Breakfast indeed!

This morning both of us decided to try out the big breakfast promotion, and helped to dapao for the rest of the lunch gang.
We arrived at the McD outlet at Sunshie Square at 7am. Totally in shock to see the super long queue, that reached the entrance. No choice... everyone was so eager to get the awesome breakfast which comes in super low price...

After a long wait and queue of 1 hr, finally we get to place our order.
"6 coffee please", he said to the friendly attendant. So with 3 coupons, we managed to get 6 sets just for the price of the 6 cups of coffee. What a good deal!

We carried two big paper bags and two holders filled with cups of coffees into the canteen.

Kept getting compliments from the lunch gang for the effort we put in.. hahah... glad to make them happy for the morning.. but if you ask me to do it again, Nooo! Dont want to queue for 1 hr anymore, perhaps should go to the branch at Sg Dua or Penang Airport?


'H' said...

ya la... tapi kos lepas for waiting in line for 1 hour :) tapi tak apa... we're orang penang love good deals :)

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

yup. penang lang, totally agree with you