Monday, 21 March 2011

Photo in a photo

Last month, I got myself a cute little gadget called Mini 7s a.k.a Cheki which produces instant photos. Besides fun and can get photos instantly, one plus point of shooting with a Cheki is that the effect is nice, especially when you are taking portraits of people.. no matter how tanned skin you are, in the photo you will look fair, very fair.. I'm not sure how, but Cheki shots can have this brightening effect.. hahah better than any foundation / brightening cream / concealer you can find in the market today ^^

So here they are, check out the pictures
p/s: sorry for the glossy effect of the photos.. (i keep them in a business card holder mar =P)

1st shot using Cheki - at Ah Ean's Seafood, Batu Kawan
27 Feb

TSL & me at OT, Gurney Drive
4 March

Pretty gal enjoying her glass of wine

A breakfast with the girls at Toh Soon Cafe, Penang Road
5 March
me with my ex schoolmates at Mei's wedding dinner, Trader's Hotel
6 March

Mei and us

The guys and the bride of the day


~nEw DoRy~ said...

Excuse me... Wine without me??? OT without me?? =(

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

wei wei.. we test water nia. will bring you there when you're in the island k..for sure!