Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday with no sweat

I was determined to resume my workout session today after a weekend stuffed with food. After Friday's fish head steamboat at Raja Uda, yesterday I had something like the one below @.@ as we were celebrating my brother's birthday at Kim Gary. Not  forgetting to mention that KFC on Saturday night.
I read C-A-L-O-R-I-E-S on this plate. Can u read it too?

Too bad, things turned out not the way I expected it to be when 5pm approached. There was an urgent task last minute in the evening and I need to stay back a while to settle my work in order that the production parts can proceed tonight. Sigh.

So no sweat for today. But I joined the usual gang for dinner and ordered this:

Yeah.. it's a "Horlicks Juak" (hot Horlick)!!!!
And I had nothing but the hot drink for dinner. Being sympathy with me, Min Fei offered me half a piece of bai kut ong (pork ribs) from his plate. >.< and so I got to chew on the juicy pork for a few seconds before I swallowed.

Now the clock shows 11.21 and I'll be going to bed soon with the small chunk of bai kut ong and horlicks digesting in my stomach. I could feel it.
No sweats and no fats (plz don't tell me the Horlicks is fattening, please dont)  >.<
Good night peeps :D


Twilight Man said...

Why torture yourself? Just eat all you can and worry later. That's life!

eugene said...

Yes, Horlick is sweetening,,, agree with Twillight Man,eat well,some time wallop also can, then sweat it out and really enjoy sweating it out, then is shall be good,

Life is about, food,sweat and enjoy kekekekkek,

ok,see you in Botanical garden for running ya

Hayley said...

Yes, I read CALORIES too on the plate :P
But its ok la, we need to indulge in good food once a while, I always, eat first, sweat later. LOL

ChrisAu said...

Lol ... It's ok to take a break at times. I had a good workout yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Horlicks? Fattening...With sugar? Or with milk? Lagi worse! Muahahahaha!!!!

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

i hv been telling that to myself all this while.. that's why now my jeans are tight and i have kept my pretty dresses and baby Ts away lor.. T.T

eugene, i always eat and regret later. hahah.. need a change. Maybe not a drastic change lah, so that i can enjoy food and sweat to the max!

Hayley, I need a change.. wuwuwu.. T.T

ChrisAu, hope you will continue to enjoy your workout every time :)

suituapui, with both!! failed.. but nvm.. once a while only.. :P