Wednesday, 6 July 2011

fish head steamboat for a celebration of 3 working years

Last Friday, we went all the way to the mainland for a dinner together with the lunchmates. It took us almost 2 hrs before we could reach the place, due to the heavy traffic on Penang Bridge.

We enjoyed our steamboat there. It was really a suitable place with good air ventilation for steamboat. It was not like other bbq steamboat restaurants that I have been to before this, and I always ended up smelling horrible when reached home. The soup for the steamboat was boiled with fish head and yam, and this is the signature soup for the restaurant. It was really good!!!!!!! We all enjoyed drinking the soup too...

We ordered 2 sets, which cost RM 158 each. Later on we added quail eggs and mantis shrimps, and the total bill came to RM 365.50 for 13 of us.
4 most "laku" dishes of the night

Other dishes which came with the package we ordered

Menu available there

Individual shots

There are some funny and light moments being captured and shown below.
Enjoy :)

Almost forgot to mention the location of the restaurant,
check it out:
Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐)


Twilight Man said...

I am steamboat addict. I always go for different buffet steamboats at least twice a month. So nice and yummy!

Bananazஇ said...

Its a Friday night and 13 of you all..its Friday 1st July hahaha. Wow 2 hours to go over mainland the place must be good and worth all the travelling. Good food great company and long journey.

lingching said...

Yeah!!! really like the steamboat very much oh!! had a great time there... (^^)

Hayley said...

Wow, its very fun to have steamboat in a big gang right! The prawns look fresh~

YT said...

I love the steamboat there too but am always too lazy to travel that far...

eugene said...

Hahaha, i am not at all a steamboat buff but i don't like the company surroudning the steam boat table,,,

nice to see you having fun , now go and sweat it out, indoor lah, a lot of haze out there kan?

have a great weekend and god bless ya

reanaclaire said...

the shop looked very crowded.. this place must be good then..

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Twilight Man, u should try this when u come back to pg! the soup is very different from the ordinary steamboat!

Bananaz, Friday the 13th??? wakakakaka. worth the trip la. one thing good about stucked in jam with a group of people is that you will be busy chatting with them till you forget that the traffic is heavy. :)

lingching, thanks for bringing us to this place! i luv it :)

Hayley, yeah.. we enjoyed it very much. We were standing and eating and chit chatting most of the time :D

YT, next time jio u k? :)

eugene, thank God it rained today! i pray that God will bring more rain to our hazey Penang.

reanaclaire, should we plan a trip here for a bloggers gathering if you ever come visit to Penang again? :)

Fish said...

You have think of me when you ate the FISH head? :)
Very envy u all can have dinner together for the 3rd anniversary..
All the best to you all..!

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

i also envy you can travel and work at the same time mar. 你看我好,我看你好啦 :) when you get a long holiday here, then we can arrange a makan trip with you o. Didn't think of FISH head that time, the soup was really tasty and sweet until we forgot about FISH head liao >.<

lingching said...

Fish, you gonna test this fish head steamboat... as sweet as your head! opps nonono... is as sweet as your chin chin... (^^)