Friday, 15 July 2011

Sarawak is too far for a lunch

We just came back to office from lunch 2 hrs ago. This morning, I had an unusual crave for Sarawak food (perhaps I have been looking at too many photos of S'wak food in someone's blog recently :P). Therefore, we went over to a shop which is opened recently in Bayan Baru, which sells some of Sarawak's specialties

I was snapping some photos while colleagues were ordering their food. We arrived a little early than other customers therefore we could still see many empty tables. I was reminded to arrive on time when I called up to make a reservation because they will release the reservation after 15 minutes. True enough, about 10 minutes after our arrival, the small cafe was filled with customers and some late comers had to wait outside. I believe most of the customers are people working in the industrial zone and everyone is out for lunch at 12 noon :D
Carpenter Street Cafe

The cashier counter

Empty tables in the cafe

The guys checking out the menu

The girls posing for the camera ^.*

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Tomato Noodle

Sarawak Kolomee
Sarawak Lo Bak
Among the 9 of us, i was the only one ordering Sarawak Laksa. I picked SL because i tried it long long time ago when I visited Sarawak and now I wanted try it again. SL is totally different from PL (Penang Laksa).  I luv the heavy aroma of coriander leaves in my mouth. Overall the SL sold here is not bad but it would taste even better if the lime given is bigger so that the soup taste more sourish.

My Sarawak Laksa

Sapu habis ^^

Price for the food
Laksa - RM 7.90
Kolomee - RM 5.90
Tomato Noodle - RM 7.90
Lo Bak - RM 7.90

Quite pricy hor? but I think it's because of the environment la.. We get to enjoy the air-cond mar..
Somehow, i still prefer the authentic Sarawak laksa I ate in Kuching about 5 years ago. ..hehe....

A blessed weekend to all my friends..


孤傲的王子 said...

the food look yummy!when got chance i wil go try it ou :-p

if i no guess wrong, u working at bayan lepas SxxGxxE?? is it??am i correct?

Bananazஇ said...

Huh you have a 'carpenter street' in Bayan Baru? Out of touch with Penang for so longggg just like the 1st road until 7th road opp Trader Hotel not able to name them in English but if you say 5th road I know how to go. But if you say McCallum St then chiak lat liao. Heard in advertisement you can PosLaju-ed it so send from Sarawak no problem mah.

Would not agree with your last pix 'sapu' still got little soup left. Bananaz had curry mee once and made the bozz so happy when he comes to collect the bowl..not a single drop of soup left..hahaha

lingching said...

Enjoy your weekend (^^)

Hayley said...

Wow, looks good! No wonder sapu habis!

Happy weekend to you too!

ahjoy said...

OMG!!! im gonna try this shop when im bec pg.... BTW, the price is kinda *ahem*...i shall enjoy my sarawak food as much as i can.... :)

YT said...

Noticed this place while waiting for a friend near Sunshine... Should try it out one day.