Thursday, 21 July 2011

i made it to the top!

I'm not really into hiking and the tallest hill that i have hiked is Bukit Jambul hill. haha.....
last Saturday i was persuaded by my colleague to join her for a hiking trip together with some of the usual hiking members from our company including our plant Vice President.

Just reached the car park nearby
what are you doing at 7.20am on a Saturday huh?

We took the Poh Yau Sua route to go up.
wild boar tracks could be seen everywhere along the trails
According to my colleage, we ought to be careful not to step on those wild boar tracks as there would be wild boar fleece infested there and if they get to your body, your skin will be itchy and it will take a week before they could go away. Freaky!
taking photo with my colleage while waiting for others
At Station 84

Our initial plan was to stop at Station 84 and go down the hill through the tar road. But when we reached 84, everyone was very eager to continue the hiking and so we went up up up again to Penang Hill. And of course, those regular hikers from my company already started their journey up to the hill when we just reached the rest stop. We still get to take a group picture with our VP though :P

can somebody tell me what is the unit behind the number? is it km?

The rain forest in Penang

It was a long, winding and steep road up to Pg Hill

We were struggling on our way up. Boy, it was tough indeed!

We were just a few steps away from the top of the hill!!!

Finally!!!! hooray!!!!!!!!!

Who would leave Penang Hill without savouring a bowl of ice kacang?!

It was a wonderful experience for me. Thank God I made it to the top!!!!
It was not as difficult as I thought it would be.......
I'm now thinking of doing 2nd time this Saturday.. hmmmmmmmm...... consider .. consider.. consider... XD


ChrisAu said...

Well done!! Hiking is something I want to do this year but I haven't hike one yet!! sigh.....

eugene said...

You see when you put your mind,soul and heart into something,you will surely attain it,,,,,,,

now join me for run, see you tomorrow pagi at Botanical Garden at 7.30 am,, ok?

have a great weekend my dear friend and god bless

YT said...

Ei, actually I love hiking. It's quite fun no?

But i hate waking up early hahaha.

Twilight Man said...

This place really brings me so much sweet memories when I used to hike up during my childhood days! Those days no ice kachang la. Next you should hike Mt Kinabalu. I nearly pengsan many times going up.

Daniel Chiam said...

I am more attracted to the ica kacang than the climb... haha

Next stop... lets try mount Kinabalu =D

The view there is spectacular! but no ice kacang =(

Bananazஇ said...

That was our weekly hike those days on tar road and would U turn at Station 84. Congratz you made it to the top. What's next? Like Twilight Man said, try Mt Kinabalu, you will like it especially viewing the rising sun from 4101 metres?

Hayley said...

Well done well done! I went hiking last Sunday and not long after that, I felt tired already, sigh, age oh age =(

johnnie lim said...

nice hill. looks interesting. sure hope to go there one day.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

thanks my friends for your comments. Mt Kinabalu is no joke. wait till i join this hiking trip more often 1st then i'll consider conquering Mt Kinabalu. =)

Hi johnnie lim, thank you for dropping to my blog. i'm hopping over to yours now :)

Shanda said...

Congratulations on making your hike. The rain forest looks so beautiful.