Wednesday, 8 June 2011

hello aunty, hello uncle

During my cousin's wedding day luncheon, i got this once in a blue moon opportunity to sit with a group of aunties uncles. They are my relatives whom i will only meet once or twice a year. and that's becuz the young gang table was fully occupied and i had no choice but to be separated from them >.<

At first i felt kinda uneasy being the only younger person sitting and eating with these group of older people. (well, they are not really that old, but most of them already have kids married, and with grandchildren somemore) haha... but as the conversation started off by an aunty, i realised that the topic on  the table was very interesting. They talked talked and talked about healthy natural food and how to stay young and healthy.

One of the chinese herbs that is very good for health that they mentioned is 淮山 [huái] [shān], it is a type of wild yam. One of the aunty shared that it is good to blend this herb with other fruits and drink it regularly. 

I found it very enlightening cuz i think we need to start to take care of our health from young, don't you think so too? These people take salt more than we take rice. and they have the wisdom and experience to share with me, why not enjoy the conversation and seek some useful advise from them?

Mom was in the group too. Therefore inevitablely, i was scolded and nagged by her when they mentioned about how young people nowadays dislike eating fruits and vegetables, in front of them somemore. Kinda embarrasing la. *shy shy*

Let me intro you to my relatives in this photo below. ( i think i will enjoy describing how they are related to me, please forgive me for the annoying 's 's 's 's - 谁的谁的谁的谁 XD )
I think this picture is very special as I rarely get the chance to meet them all.
So aunties and uncles, may good health follow you wherever you go and till we meet again, take care folks

Starting from front left,
my grandma's younger sister's daughter-in-law, my mommy ^^, my grandma's youngest brother's wife, my grandma's younger sister, my grandma's younger brother, my daddy ^^, me ^^ and my grandma's second youngest brother's wife

I'm the youngest among the group. Yahooooo!! (syeok sendiri) :P


Anonymous said...

If I join the group, I'll be the oldest... LOL!!!

K.R Paranga said...

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