Monday, 27 June 2011

An evening with Stacy on stage

I need to start blogging again after I found out that my last entry was almost 1 month ago! >.< sorry folks for being MIA recently.

It's time i write about the memorable company dinner / singing competition held last two weeks.
My favourite photo of the evening :)

I turned out to be at the 5th placing on that night. Haha.. still managed to get the RM 100 shopping voucher. Well, a bit unhappy at first for the first two days, but now already accepted the fact and realized that I did not perform better than other finalists in terms of being a stage performer. I should have done more actions and gestures such as walking around the stage, wave to the audience and get eye-to-eye interaction with the judges. The guys did it so well that the judges were impressed and thus gave higher marks to them. (Fyi, I was the only female finalist on that night ^.*) and of course, they sang expressively, had superb voice and they were able to capture the hearts of the audience and most importantly, the judges. I really have so much to learn from these people. They are very professional, indeed :)

But still, I thanked God that I did not make any silly mistakes like singing out of tune, forgetting lyrics, tripped over the staircase and fell on the stage etc that evening. I was quite nervous and I was wearing high heels (was that 3 inches?) that time. I wouldn't know what to do if one of the things I mentioned above happened to me during my performance :O
Winner 1 & 2 (Zul & Hasnisham)

Winner 3 & 4 (Yazal and Ilham)
Winner 5 & 6 (Me and Ku Anuar)
Me and the finalists
well done, my friends! =)

Though did not get the bigger prize on that evening, I did have a great time there, enjoying the performance by other finalists, chit chatting with fellow colleagues, taking photos with fellow colleagues and something that I must mention is that I get to see a celebrity!!!!! not only see but stand next to her. Some of you might not know her, but she is a young but very talented local singer made famous by Akademi Fantasia 6 ------->
(you might wanna check out who is her by clicking on her name above)

Stacy was invited to perform at our Seagate Dinner!!!!!!
She has very good and powerful voice. And she dances well too. OMG, I was totally mesmerized by her live performance on stage. :) 

Who would miss the chance of taking photo with her? Hehe... thanks to my colleague that he managed to capture some nice photos of me standing next to Stacy during the prize giving session. I even hugged her when she handed me the prize XD. I could hear some screams from the audience when we hugged :P (must be some jealous fans)

Overall, it was a wonderful and memorable evening. 


Hayley said...

Wow, you look great on stage!! Surely a memorable experience!

Daniel Chiam said...

You look really good! and omigosh i would do anything to hug stacy! Haha orang sabah bah dia tu :D

Bananazஇ said...

You looked fantabulous! Keep the eternal flame burning..Congrats for you are a winner already to be in the top 5.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Hayley, thank you :) fyi i spent RM 100 for the hairdo together with the makeup. I was satisfied indeed. hehe.yes it was a wonderful experience, somemore can get up close and personal with a celebrity. keke...

Daniel, thank you :) yaya.. u know her too ya.. she's really good!!!! and I also like her singing slow songs, very powerful voice when she did "Total eclipse of the heart". :)

Bananazஇ thank you :) i still have not spent the RM100 shopping voucher though. heheh....

eugene said...

Hey the more i look at your photo,you remind me of one celeb, ready to hear who you remind me of..................Maggi Q,, i am serious,you tell me.

by the way,well done,i love singing too ,can you teach me ?

YT said...

Surprise surprise! I actually stumbled upon ur blog from Hayley's!

Wow, you look awesome that nite, too bad I didn't have a chance to watch you perform since I'm on Day 2 for the dinner.

U really look great :) And it's already a winner to be in the finals. Congrats!

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

eugene, Maggi Q wei!!!! u sure? probably is the effect of makeup la wei.. i dun even have her good figure la wei.. nvm, after seeing your comment i'm inspired to work harder on getting slim down liao wei. Maggie Q in the making! LOL ^.* i'm not pro enuf to teach you lar wei..but we can go sing K together! like what you had last time with a few bloggers from other states. That was so so happening wei! ;)

YT, i'm actually having goosebumps now!!!!! the world is so small lar wei..'s great to see you in blogsphere. Am already following your blog :D I'm quite new in blogging (started mine in March) 请多多指教!!! thank you thank you for your compliments.. yeahhh. again glad to meet you here in blogspot! have a great day yah :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Bet the experience in itself is unforgettable. Wah! Real serious one hor - all dressed up like professional singers - don't play-play! LOL!!! No video clip?

YT said...

Yes, the world is tiny! I was bumping around and I came into your blog and I was like "wait.. i know this cute girl!" LoL.

Will support your blog, blog more often ok?

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

suituapui, thank you :)
they really put in effort gar.. you should see their gestures and showmanship. mad pro. i was so lack in these. but of course, i'm glad to have this chance to participate, and get the prize :) not sure got any clips o not, still asking around.

cleffairy said...

Hi hi... congrats on winning, and you look very nice over there.

Merryn said...

The RM100 spent is worth it for you looked GREAT! :D

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

cleffairy, thank you :) once in a while, must dress up on occasions such as that evening.

Merryn, thank you for dropping by :) yeah.. RM100 for the hairdo and makeup, not yet include my dress and heels =.= hehe.... ok lar... i didn't regret it.. Truly enjoyed the night ^^ thank you for your compliments

fufu said...

wow u can sing!! good

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

fufu, thank you for dropping by ;) haaha..thank you for your compliments.. have a great day