Sunday, 15 May 2011

Meet Conan - the new addition to Tan's family

Hi all, it's been almost 3 weeks since i posted a blog. >.< I better not make this a habit. bad bad bad... have to blog more regularly....

Hmm.. of course many things happened during these silent weeks....

But today i'm gonna write about our new addition to my family. *wink wink*

ooops... A grumpy look :P

hehe.... paiseh paiseh.. his face a bit grumpy due to he was about to be bathed by me... poor thing...kekeke..
Conan is a 5 year old Shih Tzu (a fully grown adult doggie - ah pek liao?) and you guys might be wondering how did we get him...

He's actually given away by my mom's friend. The owner's husband is kinda fed up and stressed up with the doggie when he barked in the middle of the night whenever there was thunder storm.. but how did he tolerate this for five years? Don't ask me.. I also dunno leh... >.< 
However, the previous owner and her kids loved Conan very much. (Conan the doggie was actually a birthday gift for the son and the puppy costs RM 1k with microchip implanted on his body and birth cert  is included). They reluctantly gave him away as Daddy could not stand the disturbance at night anymore... 

To cut the story short, we adopted him =) This is almost the 3rd week he's with us... He no longer look depressed as he was when he first arrived. He's now a cheerful (but lazy) and cute dog. Frankly, I don't really like dogs with short muzzle like pug, bulldog and shih tzu. But now after three weeks with Conan, I adore him!!!!!!!the cuteness in his look just grows each day

I bathed Conan, solo for the 1st time >.<

This Saturday morning mom was away in school. So I have no one to help me so I decided to bath Conan all by myself... 
Conan is about to get his bath by me!!!!

Some shots taken during the process.. thanks to Issac for helping with the camera capturing =)

Ready to get wet, Conan? :P (not really ready)

Let's make some foams and bubbles 1st... :D

His face not showing any signs of excitement at all!!! ^^

Washing his hairy ears

Massaging his neck and shoulder at same time

"Ughhh,, please finish this fast" - Conan

You cant run away from this!

Drying him with a cloth

and next with a hair dryer ^^

I think I still need to brush up my skills to bath a dog. A bit kelam kabut as this was my first time doing it alone. I still do not have a single idea on how to clean his ears, from the inside i mean.
Last week I was the assistant to my mom and this week no one assisted me!!! >.<

Any advises from you all are very much welcomed and appreciated!!!!!!!! 


shushi said...

Wah, ke ai daooo... bwahahaha!
Hm, shih tzus are terrified by bathing. My shihtzu used to crawl around n hide around when she knows it's time to bathe =.=

oh ya, all shih tzus are afraid of rain and thunder, i think. Mine was too, survived the whole 13 years with it :D

to clean the ears, juz clean it like how you clean your ears. if takut hurt the fragile ears, send it to the groomer once a month :P

eugene said...

I think it comes with great responsiblity taking care of a pet dog,,, sometimes they need attention just like everyone of us but the problem is, we do give due attention to them ,,hahahahah, that's why so many ended in SPCA........

just enjoy Conan,don't worry,it will turn out all rith

reanaclaire said...

hehee...he looks cute with a fierce look, reminds me of Grumpy in the 7 dwarfs.. yes, no joke when it comes to taking care of a dog, mine is a Labrador, she is also very scared of thunder, barks too once awhile... let her get used to it otherwise we have to get up and pacify her.. habis our sleep!!

Daniel Chiam said...

OMG the dog look so different when its wet! Awww looking at Conan make me miss Teddy! Haha not my dog, I don't have any dog, its a friend's dog... I kinda miss Teddy cause I miss seeing her (my friend).

Anyway.......... Happy Monday!

Hayley said...

Cute Conan! I like dogs, but cant afford to keep one. Both hubby and I are busy with works, we afraid we dont have enough time and love to give to the dogs..

Glo-w~* said...

Aw what a cutie, i have a shih tzu and a husky oh and a cat too ^^ best advise is don't panic! Animals can sense your feelings. keep calm and talk to them. Say nice things like massages, spa good boy, smell nice and clean and fluffy etc in a calm friendly voice^^ ears and paws with training only do when they are calm...

eMiLy said...

Perhaps Conan looks grumpy cause he saw Isaac peeking him while he was taking his bath. XD

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

shushi, thanks for the many infos on shih tzu. Your doggie can live up to 13 years? means we can still have Conan with us for another 8 years, by God's grace. haha..i tot he's now already an old ah pek liao. ^^

eugene, yaya.. not an easy job. requires commitment too. We will work hard on this. Hope Conan can bring more joy and laughs to the family too :)

reanaclaire, aiyoyo. Grumpy from Snow White! cudn't agree more
wow, you have one like the one in Marley and Me? awww.must be cute... but that's a bigger breed.
yep, there were some unlucky nights when i gotta wake up in the middle of my sleep just to pacify and help him to stay calm...=.=

Daniel Chiam, he's not so cute when he's wet ^^

Hayley, thank you for dropping by :)
Nvm, you can always play with them at friends' home or adore them on pictures

Glo-w~*, thank you for dropping by.
you are truly a pet lover. It must be requiring great patience and sacrifice to take care of two dogs and 1 cat. salute salute.
thanks for the tips too.. appreciate it! :)

eMiLy, mungkin juga. LOL!!

Isaac Tan said...

Cute dog. I have a pet toy poodle with my parents. They love her so much. It's rather easy to maintain a dog, just make sure the dog knows where to poop and urinate. My pet poodle always goes back to her cage to do her business, which was so convenient. All we had to do was to pull out the newspaper underneath and throw away.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

wow, you have a well trained poodle. :) Conan also knows where to do his big and small business... he will go to our garden when nature calls. and we will pick up his poops and flush them down the toilet. easy also kan? ^^

K.R Paranga said...

cute dog!!

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

thank you K.R Paranga. he is now very naughty too :)