Thursday, 19 May 2011

Special Day (Part 1)

Monday night after work he insisted on to go down to 1st Avenue shopping mall for dinner as he wanted to get me something that I always wanted.. which is an eternal home for my Choco!!!!!!!

I found this lovely bag on ebay sometime ago but I just felt insecure by paying US$31.95 plus another US$25 online for the item to be shipped out from Korea. Moreover, it's US$ 56.95 (RM 188) for a synthetic leather cross bag ler...I didn't really want to spend so much.. Anyway, I mentioned to him about this cute bag sometime ago, when I first got my mini instax 7s. We also found this bag sold in a shop at the basement of 1st Avenue, called Analog Kaki. But then, it's still not cheap.. RM 169 >.<

He remembers it till now, and decided to get one for me as a gift. I'm so very happy as he knows and remembers what I told him. He might not be a romantic type of guy but he has a sensitive heart, not all the time though :P
We chose one that is in dark brown color, and below is a snap shot of my lovely bag!

I'm totally in love with my cross bag! :P

I truly love this chic and cute cross bag that designed specially for mini 7s. My baby fits perfectly in the bag and there is still space for an extra pack of film.

A matching color for my Choco
Woo hoo.. i no longer need to wrap my baby in an ugly bubble wrap dee....thanks to dear for this special gift :)

This was what i used to wrap my camera. Ugly hor.. keke :P
It did serve the purpose of protection though ^^

(i still keep it just in case i need it for protection purpose next time :P)

Click here for the next part of this special day :)


lingching said...

Wah~~ Sweet leh... That beg really match your mini choco (^^) Pai Seh let u wait so long still haven't start to make 1 beg for u... But this beg really look nice oh~~ Price is don't matter for min fei, impostant is he really care what you really need... (^^)

SuiYen said...

hey it is nice!! can u use it as a shopping bag? it would b very nice if one bird can shoot 2 birds! XD

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

lingching, is really pretty. I was eyeing on it for long time liao.... :) no need to feel paiseh la...

SuiYen, i think you mean one stone can kill two birds XD neway, of course it can be carried like a shopping bag. Chic design. I luv it