Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday workout followed by a yummy yet simple dinner :)

It has been a while since I blogged about my workout. Well, I have not much of breakthrough so far, just trying to maintain the record of one hour of running on treadmill, cardio mode.

Yesterday I did the running again and managed to capture this shot when i was done on the treadmill.
7km in an hour - not too bad i guess
I think I did not share with you in my blog on another reason I need this workout besides burning fat. I signed up for Penang Bridge run for the first time :D Surely with the current training record, it will be kinda tough for me to complete the half marathon in 3.5 hours. Therefore, I need to push myself further but I'm not sure how am I going to do it. Any advise?

After the evening workout at gym, I had dinner with Min Fei at his rented apartment since he brought back his mom's cooking from home on Sunday. It is one of her mom's signature dish - homemade yong tau foo. Yumz! So we reheated the dish by steaming it in a big steel pot as we do not have microwave oven. While waiting for the dish to be ready, I decided to fry eggs so that we can have more variety to our simple dinner for the night.

fried eggs :D (sorry, they don't look presentable)
yong tau foo
Here is what our dinner look like in the picture below. We bought the rice from the stall selling bak kut teh nearby and it costed RM 1.60 for two packets of plain rice (nowadays you hardly find 50 cents plain rice anymore). Of course I gave a few spoonfuls of rice away to Min Fei!

The meat paste made by aunty was a combination of fish and pork, stuffed in beancurd, tau fu pok, and green chilies. I luv them all!! The dish is a bit too salty by its own but it goes perfectly well with the plain rice =)

I felt really full after the dinner and I didn't feel guilty for taking rice during dinner time. Notice the red plastic bag on the left? haha.. it's bak kua from Ipoh. I took one piece of that too .... Ooooops >.<
Hahas....Actually I have decided to stop skipping dinner after trying it for about 5 days during weekdays, for a consecutive of 2-3 weeks but it's not really effective for me to lose weight by doing so. Instead, I was having some stomach discomfort quite often during those time. I guess I need to eat my dinner to lose weight healthily. Moreover, I need enegy to run kan? :)

Happy Tuesday peeps :)


Daniel Chiam said...

Oh you sign up for a run! Good good... Haha i think the only good advice is just to keep on practice and keep on running.

Its good that now you know you cant skip meal. instead of skipping meal, i advice you to try and break down your meals. instead of 3 meal a day, break it into 4 o 5 meal per day BUT every meal is in a small portion :D

~nEw DoRy~ said...

I was told also skipping meals cannot really help to lose weight, even if you do, it won't maintain for long...
Skipping meals will only slow down your metabolism. So yea, it's better you make into more meals or you can take light food for dinner, like smaller portion, or take fruits and vegetables and avoid taking too much carb for dinner. =)

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Daniel Chiam, i guess i need to be discipline in both my workout and also my diet already lor... thanks for your tips.

~nEw DoRy~, yea... will avoid white rice at night... that's one of the killer @.@ i just did that on monday >.<

Happy Wednesday guys!

johnnie lim said...

good luck to your run. well you need to practise running. not just on the machine. out door running is different from running inside a gym.

suituapui said...

What's PAUS? It's telling you that you are as heavy as ikan paus - a whale kah? Muahahahahaha!!!! I would kick the machine if I were you.

eugene said...

Try to run about 5km one day, another day 10 km,then on the weekend try run the 16km,, next week the same,except on weekend do the full 21km,,,,,,,,,,,,,,must train one ya..

all the best,this year i am not running,,, next year I will surely do the full marathon

Hayley said...

Good for you.. Keep it up ya! =)

YT said...

I agree that skipping dinner is a bad way to diet. Just eat something light or less oily instead.

And... gosh, I haven't seen u for a few days and u r doing 62min on the treadmill! Kudos!

jamiey writes said...

wow, such a commitment! *like*
truly, skipping meals will not help you lose weight, in fact it'll help your body store more fats to be use when you skip meals.
stay healthy babe! :D

Bananazஇ said...

Big head proawn you are doing great with 7km per hour that means you finished in 3 hrs running 21km. Get a good pair of jogging shoes not like me in my first Penang Bridge Run got "punctured" on the way back after reaching the mid span. May get some info about Carbo Loading it might help. Run Ying Ying Run!

Daniel Chiam said...

YYDTH!!! Lets work hard together! Hahha i'm going to keep you posted with my workout update XD

ChrisAu said...

Well done! Keep working out!

Anonymous said...

see you in the Penang Bridge Marathon!

jamiey writes said...

hey, where do you run besides on the treadmill? i'd like to adopt running in my exercise regime :P

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

johnnie lim, recently i did try some outdoor running. ooo.. not easy to run on tar road... so now wat i'm doing is, weekdays run on treadmill, weekends run outdoor. :)

suituapui, hehe, it is "PAUSE", the screen is not big enough for the whole word XD

eugene, now i'm doing 10km only.. still need to improve on my distance and not to forget my speed >.< full marathon? fuiyoh... good good good =)

Hayley, thank you. I will be discipline... (not easy though) ^^

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

YT, no more skipping dinner!! and no more TAO... char bee hoon next time.. LOL

jamiey writes, thanks for the encouragement :) i do my outdoor running at PISA usually in the morning during weekend. :)

Chris Au, thank you. For the moment i will have to love and try to embrace running as I have some goals need to accomplish ----> LOSE WEIGHT and HALF MARATHON ^^

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

不配你的人, thank you for dropping by at my blog =) you will be there too? c ya ^^

Daniel Chiam said...

Ying Ying... where are you? Haha XD