Monday, 14 November 2011

my very first 21k

Today is the first day of the working weekdays, and it is also the last week before Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011.

Well, I am not sure whether I am well prepared by now or not. Hmmmm.. I have done some outdoors running as well as those weekday indoor training on the treadmill. But as the DAY is approaching, I start to feel pain on my lower leg muscle. :( Last Saturday, I couldn't even finish 1 lap of running around PISA ( Penang International Sports Arena). I guess I will have to stop stressing my muscles from today onwards, and let them recover before this Saturday.

Today I did go to the gym despite the mild injury that I'm suffering on my legs for the moment. But of course, no more 10 km on Cardio Mode, just some walking and running using Manual Mode. Not to forget some workouts on other equipments

5km in 43 minutes - that's what I've got for today :S
Ab Cruncher - good for getting rid of 'spare tyres'

Leg press

P/S: To all my dear friends in Blogsphere, I'm back from MIA again.. sorry... this new blogger is not being discipline in blogging again :S


Daniel Chiam said...

Haha good to have you back ^^

All I can say is all the best! SInce you are having muscles pain, it is wise to rest first before going for the real run.

Do update ba ^^

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Daniel, you are still supporting me!!!! thank you and truly appreciate the encouragement given.. ^.*

Hayley said...

Welcome back!!

Looking forward to more posts from you! ^^

johnnie lim said...

Hi Ying Ying,
welcome back after such a long absence. Do take care and dont exert yourself. If you feel the pain unbearable better to skip the run, or you might risk futher inquiry. Go see a doctor is necessary.

ChrisAu said...

Keep it up , ying ying! You can do it!