Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A delicious dinner @ Delicious, Straits Quay

Hello all, I have returned after being so quiet for more than 1 month. I need to admit that I'm still lack of enthusiasm to blog sometimes, especially when i'm busy and tied up with work or events. Recently I have received a call from a blogger, reminding me that I have been MIA for a while in blogsphere, and my colleague who is also my blog follower, keeps nagging about me not posting up anything recently, that's why now I'm forcing myself to complete this drafted post, which has been pending in my blog list for a while :P

Min Fei's parents and sister came over to Penang (in July) for a short visit. We brought them to Straits Quay for a dinner, which I believe is the most happening place in this island currently. 

I know that this is a very late post (sorry for that :P). It is still a big challenge for me to update blog on a daily basis. So I am keeping all my photos and will try to write up something when I have the urge / inspiration / "semangat" to do so. 

clockwise from bottom left: onion soup, Rendang short ribs, Mascarpone Pesto Chicken served with fried potatoes and asparagus, pan-seared crispy skin salmon
clockwise from left: spicy zucchini spaghettini with feta cheese and pine nuts, Carbonara Spaghettini, homemade Pesto Spaghettini
Marsala Lambshank (yummeh)

The food was good and they all came in very big portion, and of course with a slightly high price.
If you are interested to try the Marsala Lambshank, it's recommended to share it with another person unless you are a big eater.

I was told that the dessert sold there is very nice and worth a try especially the Coconut Cake, but we had too much during that night. None of us was able to try the dessert as we were struggling hard to finish the main dishes. =.= so i will come back for the dessert and afternoon tea some day. :) 

Some of the pictures we took for the night at Straits Quay

Penang is a small island. We met cousins there with my grandma too. Too bad she's not in the pic. 

What's your favourite hangout / restaurant at Straits Quay? Do share with me ya :)


Hayley said...

Hello, welcome back! Dont stop blogging ya!!

Daniel Chiam said...

AHAHAHA if waited more longer I think I will spam more comments on previous post XD

Welcome back and looking good! Roar, keep me updated about your workout too :D

Bananazஇ said...

Welcome back. Busy is good news haha. Heard and seen so much of Straits Quay must make a trip there if go Tanjong. Wow lovely yummy food. Bananaz must go for the higly recommended kukunut cake.

Ben said...

Wow! welcome back with tons of ammunition (fabulous food pics) for me to fired up my friend's menu ;)

Looking forward for your next post!

johnnie lim said...

welcome back and do keep on blogging.

Anonymous said...

Yummmmm!!!! I went to one of Delicious' outlets in KL. Very nice... Not cheap though. I think Blue Reef is also at Straits Quay now...? Nice one too.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Hayley, thank you for cheering and encouraging. Thank you for reading my blogs too. It would not be the same without all you bloggers support

Daniel Chiam, my workout is definitely not as progressive as yours lor :) but will try my very best to be discipline (during the weekdays :P)

Bananazஇ, yaya.. you should visit and see it yourself. I luv hanging around there, but it's just a bit far from home, else i will go there every other weekend :)

Ben, who doesn't love food? thank you for your support, I will write and read more blogs! hope someday i can learn some photography tips from u, cuz you take fabulous photos!

johnnie lim, thank you for being supportive :) how's Bobo doing? you gotta be stern sometime :)

suituapui, yea yea. i tried the beer batter fish n chips at Blue Reef once. luv it but it's pricy.

YT said...

Yumz... I tried the coconut cake there, it was good but also u need to share it with someone cos eating too much u might feel "jilat".