Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shanghai, nice meeting you for the first time :D

Still remember the Shanghai trip I got from a magazine subscription last year? reading, travelling, here i come!

Last March, we went for the trip :) I am now posting up some pics for the wonderful trip.
Luggages ready for check-in
 We arrived at around 4.30am at LCCT after departing from Ipoh when our flight to the land of our forefathers was at 8am. =.= So we had plenty of time to kill.

A cup of coffee to freshen up

Now everyone can fly, includes me :)

happy faces and couldn't wait to on board

Just arrived at Hangzhou airport

It was really cold outside. I preferred to be wrapped in the shawl even after got into our bus

Thanks to my dear friend who actually lend me her winter outfits from top to bottom.  Do you like this?  I like it so much. Esp the beanie winter hat, totally in luv with it!

Below is a snapshot of the residential house which look old but are still occupied by residents. We were taking a trip down the canals on a boat. Along the way, we passed through ancient bridges and the whole experience was really serene and enjoyable. :)

Our first destination - Wuzhen, it's a very beautiful village on a river. Too bad it was drizzling when we were there and no many photos taken there.

Not easy to get a snapshot because the boat was swaying left right when we trying to position ourselves in the boat. 


Me and aunty uncle - still feeling cold in the building

enjoying 苏Show

enjoying 苏Show - 西施与范蠡

Talented young performers

Chinese Opera

Chair Stacking
Great show =)

Taking a photo with aunty :)


my first morning on the street of Suzhou :)

Brrrr... cold.. the cardigan i was wearing is not thick enough to keep me warm @@

耦园 Ou Yuan, establised in the Qing Dinasty

hello, Miss Chloe here ^^

Ou Yuan is a very beautiful mansion of an official during Qing Dynasty

It was still early spring as most of the flowers were not blooming yet

五代同堂 - this was a living hall and five generations of the family would be seated accordingly

Over here, I've found some flowers here!

The beautiful garden in the mansion

A beautiful pavilion overlooks the man made pond

In those days, i think the only entertainment for the daughters / ladies in the household was to spend time in the garden, admiring the beauty of the trees, rocks and flowers LOL

Me wrapped in layers of clothing :D


handsome pair of carved chinese wood door panels

POSER! lol 

Min Fei's daddy and mummy


Father and Son

boatman singing a boatsong for us. (this is my most favourite photo of all)

Min Fei with his big looking tummy :P

parking for motorcyclist along the street

nice road name - daichengqiao lu

pedestrians crossing the road - y did they put a "No Honk" sign up there?

man made landscape with waterfall at 灵山大佛

it's really a nice waterfall :)

Group photo

The spectacular view of the shrine at 灵山大佛, Wuxi

you need to put on a shoe protector to enter the shrine

that's a huge door behind us!


This Buddhist Sacred Place is really beautiful

Min Fei said that's Nobita walking by :P

Me and my best buddy - I'm born in the year of Pig! are you? 

An enormous bronze palm

aunty and I fell in luv with the lovely vege flowers behind us

closer shot of the 'vege flowers'

Thank God for beautiful weather, still super cold though

View from the top

The Famous Lingshan Grand Buddha - an 88m high bronze buddha statue, weighing over 700 tons

Lost in translation =.=

Felt great to sip on a cup of hot bubble milk tea in a weather like this :)

People put down their wishes here

Handwritten wishes on the little wooden plaques

出入平安 - peace be with you in your coming in and going out

全家健康 - good health for the whole family

grumpy old man

red flowers spotted!

posing with the mini bus

closer shot
老妈米线 at the shopping mall in Wuxi

3rd DAY~

ahhhh.. cold.. can die @@

freaking cold but yet still have to pretend to be bold cuz WE ARE ON A BATTLESHIP! fuhhhh...

it was drizzling, brrrrrrrr...... *cold*

hiding behind

watching a show, and it's part of the famous story of The Three Kingdom

group photo with all Hwa Jing tour members

Shanghai - 上海城隍庙

I love the lighted buildings in this famous street
Snacks selling on the street

The streets are filled with people at night
Xiao Long Pao! Awesome!

Yummy but tasted rather salty compared to Malaysian food

Night View of Shanghai

Shanghai's beautiful night view with the Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai's beautiful night view across Huangpu River

another good view captured!

Nanjing Road

one for him, and one for me LOL

see, it's 5 deg in Shanghai city... i'm freeeeeezed


everything is lovely as long as it's hot / warm, even when it's just a glass of plain water

Taro Pie in Mc D, super yummy i tell you

trying to keep my hands warm with this papercup of hot choc

yummeh max!

reflection :)

Mr Frog
i look just like a Bak Chang / Chinese Dumpling =.=

this snack bought in the supermarket is kinda yummy. it's a sausage btw

lastly, if you dun wish to end up like this, remember to prebook your Air Asia meal online before you go on-board >____<


cleffairy said...

Wonderful trip. Glad you had fun, and I had to laugh at the last pic. Yes, pre-book if you dun wanna end up with a cup of maggie on board of airasia. >.<

Anonymous said...

Nice! Wow!!! So many photos. Must have taken you ages to draft this post...but it's an excellent record of your trip.

eugene said...

I remember you told me about this trip, the one you got from a magazine subscription one ,kan?

you sure had got a great time there,and don't forget about the run ya

YT said...

The beanie makes everyone looks like mushroom head hahahahahhahaha...

Yup, the trip looks good. Anticipating ur next flight out? Hahaha. I am a travel-addict myself.


lingching said...

haha... Mr Frog... Nice trip neh!! Wish I can visit there once~~