Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My birthday 2012

Hmm.. I'm writing about my birthday which was in January!!! haha.. scold whatever you want and I will continue to write about this freaking late post :P
This year, my birthday fell on the eve of the cny eve (eve of the eve). Therefore it was a double joyous occasion for me. (Syeok sendiri).

Too bad Min Fei was not here in Penang during my birthday. So he celebrated with me a few days earlier before he went back to hometown. Journey to Straits Quay was terrible even as we started off from Bayan Lepas as we were caught in traffic congestion due to it was during CNY season. Min Fei actually booked a table at Weissbrau but I did not want to eat there (because I went there before already :P). Since it was a weekday and not much crowd there, so we changed our venue for dinner. After checking out a few doors, we decided to dine at Agua. This was our first time there at Agua and we only found out that it serves Spanish Food when we were seated. (Hmmm.. interesting!)

Still wearing my green company badge on our way there LOL!

We ordered a set dinner + an ala carte

Check out the menu for the evening

clockwise from top right: Calamaris Romana, Lamb Catalan,
Fig with  brandy syrup and vanilla ice cream, grilled pork
middle: white and red wine  

We were very satisfied with the quality of the food served. The portion was just nice for the two of us and we were still able to go for a drink at Starbucks next door. XD I particularly like the dessert that I picked from the main menu: Fig with brandy syrup and vanilla ice cream. It was my first time eating a fresh fig fruit (i had those dried ones before).

My birthday 'cake' happens to be a tiramisu > <|||

A brand new hairdryer wei!!!!!
Heheehhe.. dun laugh okay.. i know it was so unromantic to receive an electronic household item on your birthday but hey, i requested it. And I think it is a useful gift for me since my old one is spoiled. Thank you dear. muaxx

Miss Ong and Miss Tan!!!
During the week of cny, my bff celebrated my birthday by giving me a little surprise! It was really thoughtful and sweet of her to drive me all the way to Tanjung Tokong area for a nice dinner and after that to Hard Rock cafe for a drink, just the two of us! *thank you dearie*
posing with our food, and the pork knuckle was really really yummy and highly recommended!!!

After the dinner, we went all da way up to Hard Rock Cafe for a drink wei!!!!! Even until now, I'm still very much grateful and touched by the effort made by her. She's such a darling. This is my very first time visiting Hard Rock Cafe. It was really a good time spent there with my bff while listening to the band playing. AWESOME! :)

The little surprise that miss Ong gave me was not long after our drinks came and one of the performers on the stage started to call out my name. It was then i saw the wicked smile on Miss Ong's face and then I knew something fishy was going on that time. Realized that I didn't really have any choice, so I reluctantly walked to the stage front with my bff cheering for me (back at our seats) together with the crowds :S

So below is a caption of what's happening next >>>>>>>>>

It looks like i'm gonna hang this on the wall of fame of my own dee :P
A video captured by my dearest bff is also shared here. Not sure are you able to view it or not. Perhaps you need to add me as a friend in FB first :)
priceless expression

My lovely cute bday gift from HK. It comes with a cute note too ^^


Hayley said...

Hey welcome back to blogsphere!

Nice gifts you have got!

ChrisAu said...

Happy belated birthday ..hehehe

eMiLy said...

Happy months-belated birthday.
My birthday is on January too! =)

suituapui said...

Certainly looks like you had a great birthday. Wow...half a year ago! Oooo...you rocked at Hard Rock! Great lah u! Would be nice if somebody had recorded that on video...

Haven't seen you around for ages. Welcome back!

Daniel Chiam said...

Welcome back and happy belated birthday! Omigosh the food looks absolutely delicious! I seldom get the privilege to eat such luxurious food nowadays xD

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YT said...

Hahahaha, it still made me laugh like mad everytime I see your Hard Rock pics. LOL u looked super super blur hahahhaa and drunk (without alcohol) hahahahaa.....

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Hayley, thank you! glad that you still read my posts :)

ChrisAu, haha..thank you thank you

eMiLy, you're an Aquarius too? :)

STP, yeah.. i like to go there now. thanks to my friend. but it is kinda far from home :S thank you for still reading mine :)

Daniel Chiam, thank you. We only get to eat holiao during special occasion like this one. LOL.

YT, i told you dee the non alcoholic drinks were alcohol-ed. serious de >_<|||