Friday, 13 January 2012

Weekend dinner with parents

Last Saturday, I suggested to my parents to have our dinner at a nice place in Straits Quay.

Mom: Aiyo, dun wan lar.. food there is so expensive
Daughter: Come on, once in a while only mar....
Mom: Hmmm.. okay la okay la.
Dad: Are we going to eat chee cheong fun there?
Daughter: >___<|||

So I was the driver and drove them down from our home all the way to Tanjung Tokong using our family car, mini Viva. Usually during weekends brother will be around, but this time he was away in campus for his exam preparation. And sister was not around too. I decided to bring them to try out the food at Blue Reef , Straits Quay. (we could have higher budget since the two of them were not around, muahahahah *evil grin*)

Grilled Salmon seafood platter
Mommy and Daddy

Me and my dearest ones

After our dinner, we bought a super yummy froyo and enjoyed it at the bench outside. It was a nice evening with my beloved parents even though the dinner costed me ~RM90 and the froyo was RM13 @.@

But nevermind. For them I will spend the $ to bring them to nice places that me and min fei or my friends always have our meals. When they were my age, they did not get to enjoy all these good food because they were already starting up a family to raise up children. During those days they were working extremely hard for their three children. Today I am grateful to God for blessing them with good health despite the sacrifice they made all these years.

We went out again for dinner on Sunday night! This time, dad's paying :P

He brought us to a very famous chinese restaurant during their time and it is located in Cintra Street.
To our disappoinment, the food was not that good anymore. The char hor fan we ordered was supposed to be very nice and popular according to my dad but it turned out to be so so, nothing much to shout about. The siew mai we ordered were made using pork tendon instead of minced meat wei!!! cuz it was so tough and chewy that me and my dad could not swallow. =.= Epic failed siew mai
The egg tarts were surprisingly nice though. I like the flaky egg tarts a lot and I da pao some back for Min Fei for his breakfast the next day :)
The bbq pork filling steam buns a.k.a char siew pau were also good. :)

dim sum is available during dinner time

Aunty pushing the trolley filled with types of pastries, yums!
Dim sum we ordered
Sorry for the half emptied plate. Forgot to snap a photo before makan

I dun like the siew mai >__<
Me n my dad

Egg tarts da pao-ed! =)

Mom <3

Weekend has arrived again peeps, have a great great one ya!!!! woots


Daniel Chiam said...

Have a great weekend too!

and y u no like siew mai?!!!!

I will one day want to treat a nice meal for my parents also! :D

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Daniel, i like but that siew mai there really cannot swallow wei.

yep, we should, cuz they deserve to be pampered just like what we sometimes do for ourselves: to enjoy a cup of frapp / a set of seafood carbonara :)

johnnie lim said...

Ying ying,

no matter what we do , we can never repay what sacrifice our parent have done dont you agreed?
Bringing them out is just a little jesture to sure our appreciation(even then they are so price concious and want to cut cost right?) We do it mainly for the pleasure of being with them. their presence is all that matters. I always believe loved your parents when they are around not when they are gone, afterall they will have no way of knowing . You have a nice week end.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Johnnie, yes... totally agree with you. their presence is all that matters! n no way i can fully repay those sacrifices they have made for us..

Hayley said...

You belanja your parents la? Hehe, so 'guai'.. ;)
Hope you're having a nice day!

YT said...

I like bringing my parents out for good meals too, introducing them to our lifestyle is good eh!

Never mind spending on parents, afterall we've spent so much of theirs :P

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

Hayley, yeah.. i foot the bill ^^

YT, yalor.. they spent a lot providing the best for us ;)

lingching said...

Their 流沙包 is so nice!! must try... and also the 烧肉!!